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"Had a dream 'bout my sis the other day."
The screen is dark, but the faint outline of a woman can be seen illuminated by the reddish glow of a cigara.
"She was holdin' my head under water. I kept splashing and tryin' ta get free, but no matter how much I struggled, she kept me down."
Zandra takes a long drag of the cigara, blowing smoke at the camera.
"Guess it's been that way my whole life. Janira was always the good twin, guess ya could say. I remember tryin' ta fight her in one on one combat. She beat me into the ground like it was nothin'. People think I'm dangerous?"
She lets out a low whistle, shaking her head.
"But I always hated the way she fought. So straight, so disciplined. I never felt like I could ever get a real sense of... her in any of it. Guess in some ways, that's kinda why I never felt close to her. People say we look identical, but we couldn't be more different. I always thought siblings were supposed to be close, but with us, it's always felt like a competition. A competition I could never win. Hell, I was never even a player. Didn't wanna be."
Another drag. Her face is clear for a moment in the red glow of the cigara.
"I never told her, but she was the reason I ran away. It was like coal tryin' ta compare to a diamond. Couldn't be what they wanted me to be. Couldn't be my sister. So I let them just kinda, forget she had a sister. I ain't heard from her since. Sometimes, I wonder if Cal woulda liked her better. Janira was better than me at just about everything else. Why not be better at love too?
I wonder... would Janira have found him by now....?"
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