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Intent: To provide Lok his own armor
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Armatech Combat Systems
Model: Beskar'gam
Affiliation: Lok Munin
Modularity: Yes
Production: Unique
Material: Mandalorian Steel Ciridium (plates), Glasteel (visor), Mandalorian Steel Armorweave (armorweave bodyglove)
Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: 18kg
Quality: 8
Special Features:
  • Minor lightsaber resistance (Plates are resistance as a tree to an axe)
  • EMP/Ion resistance
  • Blaster and slugthrower resistance
  • Acid, fire, and electric resistant
Helm Components:

Armor Components:

Gauntlet/Forearm Components:

Description: The style of the armor is Mandalorian Shocktrooper style which is the common style that most Mandalorian as they wish to to have much more mobility and agility than the likes of the predecessor styles. Because it is shocktrooper style it means that the plates cover the chest, the back, the shoulders, the front of the thighs and calves, the ankles, the knees, and the forearms leaving the rest of the other body areas exploited, but protected by the armorweave bodyglove.
Moving on from the design of the armor, the helmet is the most complex piece from the set. Like all Mandalorian helmets it has an advanced 36o degree HUD that has access to the Holonet. It has an audio recorder and a video recorder for observation purposes such as a chasing down a bounty. It has an oxygen filtration system, and a 30 minute air supply reserve when in the void of space or the depths of the ocean. The helmet also features a temperature regulator which can adjust the temperature of the user so the user doesn't freeze from arctic areas or be cooked from arid deserts. It has infrared, night, regular, and ultraviolet visions and has dampeners to protect the users ears from high pitch sonic frequencies such as sonic detonators. The weapon systems, the aerial device, and the sensors can be controlled via voice command, and has a broadband antenna with a rangefinder on the right side of the helmet to pick noise frequencies from distant areas and to zoom in on anything from afar distances. Two last features of the helmet is that it has a comlink for communication purposes, and an IFF circuitry to inform him of his allies and enemies and vice versa.
Going on to the armor components it has a paragon-class energy shield which is the first layer of defense for Lok against kinetic and energy projectiles and lightsaber. It has a sky-strike jump pack for faster mobility in battlefields and can be switched out for a ysalamari nutrient pack. Power armor liner is applied to the armor which gives extra kinetic protection and protection against acid, fire, and electric attacks. Therma gel is also used to give more defense against kinetic blunt traumas. Energy sinks are on the belt which bleeds off energy projectiles. The armorweave has a self-resealing foam that reseals the armorweave whenever it is punctured. It also has a Hyperion power pack that is a power supply to its systems and weapons. It has a digital life support system to inform medics of his vitals. Two dual rocket dart launchers are on the knees, and the armor has a combat de-ionizier on the belt to counteract the effects of ion energy. It also includes a utility belt that can be switched out for other belts.
Moving on to the gauntlet/forearm components it is compatible with crushgaunts for the two hands and have different features/systems on each gauntlet. On the left side it has a dinu'ul, a wrist acidthrower, and a MM9 mini concussion rocket system.The components of the right side doesn't have much weapons like the components on the left side, however, it serves Lok very well. It has a Velocity-7 dart shooter, the only weapon system, an integrated datapad, and a wrist grappling hook.
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