00.01 - The Abyss
- Successful destruction of a Baleen-class Heavy Freighter, Registered as Nostromo. Caught smuggling arms to deviants near Eraidu.
- Refit and Weapons System Tuning performed at Supply Station Xesh 7, Sullust
- Embark for continued anti-smuggling operations
- Receipt of garbled message, encrypted using First Order standard.
- Suspended mission, rerouted to Dorvalla. Confirmed coordination with additional First Order boats. FIV Scylla, FIV Cormorant, FIV Diphos, FIV Valence Star.
- Contact made with ground assets, HUMINT received. Invasion by Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium confirmed. New orders received.
- Instructions indicated withdrawal to Anoat for further instructions. Task Force coordinated jump and re-alignment at Mustafar.
- Came under attack at Mustafar. Emergency Jump completed.
- Attempted to contact/locate task group with no success.
- Dodged Ssi-Ruuvi patrols en route to Anoat Sector.
- Received fallback instructions. Set course for Pa'desh.

It started as a rumor, far out from the home worlds as we were. It didn't take long for it to be confirmed. In the matter of several hours we'd received confirmation via several subspace relays and verified by HUMINT via FOSB. We were too far away to make it back in time save Dosuun. It didn't prevent us from trying. The orders we'd received were to reach Anoat, from there high command would reallocate and distribute new orders.
We were unable to reach Anoat as our orders indicated, coming under attack as we re-aligned our jump coordinates, near Mustafar. They hit hard and they hit fast, FIV Diphos and FIV Valence Star were taken out of commission before they could even raise their deflectors. The FIV Falcata and the Scylla survived the initial assault. Weapons and life support were badly damaged. An emergency jump was completed but contact with the task group was never re-established. Considered all lost.
We proceeded towards Anoat under emergency power, dodging enemy patrols for weeks. Upon arrival at the edge of the Anoat system we received a covert cached message indicating we were to proceed to Pa'desh. I've seen things in my day but desolation of this multitude.. I was wholly unprepared for. What had been an Empire rests little more than ashes before my eyes. We can only hope that we are not alone in this abyss and that others will be waiting at Pa'desh.
Signed, LCDR Valencia