​A dog wakes, warmth coating his senses as the familiar cosiness of his bed greets his waking form. Even still this little pups eyelids remain shut, rested muscles oozing calm. His body sprawls out, feeling the present touch of the sun, a golden ray keeping him warm and content, here in his little bed.
Little fluffy hind legs stretch outward toward the plastic cover of the bed, little paws pressing against the plastic as the little dog stretches. Fluffy front-legs move along the length of the cushioned fabric beneath his head.
His fluffy body curls up, rescinding into itself as he rolls over on his side; a little boys brown snout wiggling in the air - using his detective skills to surmise that food had indeed, been cooked. Two small eyelids flicker, almost lost among the endless fluff covering him from paw to nose. The little boy sits half-upright, two large floppy ears falling over his face, each devouring his features temporarily - leaving only his little nose and mouth peeking out form betwixt his floppy ears.
​A careful hand pushes aside these soft long ears, two large brown eyes looking upward with eager glee as the reaffirming hand runs the length of his little head - letting him know he is happy and safe.