-Lion Squad-
Note: The colour of each application is the colour that will be used for each individual's dialogue -- so it's less confusing when writing.

Sergeant Leon Delgado, aka "Sarge"

Name: Sergeant Leon Delgado; "Sarge" to his squadmates and formerly known as "Lionheart" from his Imperial Remnants days.
Loyalties: One Sith, Kerstas
Role: Co-leader of the Lion Squad, next to Kerstas. Though the Chagrian technically outranks him, Leon calls most of the shots, advising Kerstas until the girl is efficient enough to call them on her own.
Development Threads: if Necessary
Age: 48 (though years of military combat has left him looking much, much older)
Species: Human
Force Sensitivity: No
Appearance: See picture. Having been in combat for over 20 years, Leon looks like he's pushing 60 rather than 40. He has numerous scars across his body, including one on his chest where he had a close call with a blaster bolt.
Personality: Gruff and not very bubbly, often calling new members of his squad "wussies" or "pansies" (he had initially called them "girls" and "ladies", but with the arrival of two female soldiers Leon changed the insults; calling a woman a girl is kind of redundant, and only a wee bit offensive). Though Leon has a vast wellspring of sarcasm, he still takes care of his own and will do whatever it takes to keep his men and anyone under his wing alive. When he first learned that Kerstas, then 18, was to take over the squad, Leon was not pleased at first. However, he stayed in the hopes of teaching Kerstas about real warfare and showing her that soldiers were people, too.
Weapon of Choice: Military blaster rifle -or- a knife
Wealth: While he can't exactly afford his own suite, Leon isn't hurting for money, either.
Combat Function: Leadership, primarily. He (and Kerstas) give the final say on issues, and dictate what to do when under fire. He is also responsible for ensuring that the squad runs as smoothly as possible, and serves as a source of advise for Kerstas as she makes her way through the military world.
Skills: Leadership; Proper handling of the majority of military weapons; Basic survival skills; How to use a blade as a weapon; Ground strategy; Hand-to-hand combat
Notable Possessions: Dog tags, with his information and nickname from the Imperial Remnant
Other Notes: While he may not show it, talking about family and loved ones is rough on Leon; while on a tour of duty, his home was attacked by the Republic. In the ensuing chaos, his wife Mia and then-teenaged son Mikel were killed. Also, Leon has had ample opportunities and offers to be promoted in the military, and would probably be close to being a general by now. However, he has declined the promotions in order to continue fighting on the front lines and passing on some good habits to these youngsters.
Intent: Leon is intended to help Kerstas IC in regards to military strategy and leadership. He, and the rest of the squad, are the first step in my plans for galactic domination (jk.... ;) )

Private Dreyvon SeCalleger, aka "DS";

Name: Private Dreyvon SeCalleger; "DS" to his squadmates and close friends/loved ones
Loyalties: Leon, Kerstas, One Sith
Role: Heavyweight of the Lion Squad
Development Threads: If necessary
Age: 28
Species: Human
Force Sensitivity: No
Appearance: See picture. He has a tattoo of the One Sith Army insignia on his left shoulder, which he got upon enlisting.
Personality: While not necessarily optimistic, DS usually has an air of nonchalance about him, though it isn't strong enough to make him lazy. It doesn't usually take much to get him to smile, and when the mood strikes him he might even crack a joke. He is, however, very particular about which gun he uses; if his weapons jams one time, DS will switch to another one as soon as he can, believing that if it can do it once, it'll do it again. Upon learning that Kerstas was to begin leading their squad, DS was not particularly thrilled. However, he simply shrugged it off as "one of those Sith things" and, like Leon, tries to advise her whenever needed.
Weapon of Choice: Any type of military-grade automatic, so long as it hasn't jammed before.
Wealth: Decent enough
Combat Function: DS is the heavy hitter of the squad, offering cover when necessary and is always willing to cut down the enemy's numbers.
Skills: Similar to any private's, with the exception of the fact that he has enough muscle strength to wield even the heaviest hand-held weapon with relative ease; He's also a decent enough cook
Notable Possessions: A vibroknife his brother gave him, right before DS went to boot camp. He never goes into combat without it.
Other Notes: Like Leon, DS had originally been in the Imperial Remnant; in fact, it had been Leon himself who trained DS, and when the two found out they were both in the OSM, he requested to be transferred to the Lion Squad. While not married nor ever married, the private is currently in a relationship with a young woman named Emalee, who his mother wishes he'd just marry already.
Intent: Every squad needs a gun-enthusiast! And every forum needs a Diggle!

Corporal Isali Ghel, aka "Izzy"

Name: Corporal Isali Ghel; her mother and brother always called her "Izzy", but she hates it when people use her nickname.
Loyalties: One Sith; Kerstas
Role: Second in Command; walking Rules and Code of Conduct.
Development Threads: If necessary
Age: 26
Species: Human
Force Sensitivity: No
Appearance: See picture. Izzy is always dressed in crisp, professional military attire, with nary a hair out of place.
Personality: The Goody Two-Shoes of the OS Military, Izzy always sticks by the rules, and doesn't hesitate to reprimand her fellow soldiers or remind them of a certain rule. She fails miserably at trying to be funny, but doesn't yet realize it. But despite the grumbles her squadmates make against her, she has a way of growing on people. Just tune her out when she's lecturing and everything will be fine. Unlike most of her fellow soldiers, Izzy was actually thrilled to have a Sith join the squad, seeing it as a way to prove that she really is worthy of being a strategist (even though, really, she'd be a much better lawyer or something).
Weapon of Choice: Military blaster pistol, though she's not too bad with a rifle.
Wealth: Decent
Combat Function: Second in Command, but usually just another gun shooting at things. Despite her perkiness and overly annoying desire to follow the rules, Leon and the others DO rely on her to watch their backs. Typically, when the group is divided, Leon and Kerstas are in one half and DS and Izzy are in the other, with Izzy acting as the temporary CO of that mini-squad and DS acting as second-in-command.
Skills: She's an average strategist, with a keen eye for detail and picking up on anything that might be wrong or out of the ordinary; she isn't too bad with a pistol, either. Also, she pretty much remembers every detail that she's ever read -- especially laws and regulations of the One Sith. Thus, you can use Izzy as a way to find a loophole...so long as you are able to convince her it's for a right reason.
Notable Possessions: The Complete One Sith Army Handbook and Guidelines: Everything You Need To Know in Order To Be an Efficient Soldier of the Sith, complete with notes by Izzy and well-worn with dog ears.
Other Notes: Izzy's family had always been involved in the military, her father being a scientist and her mother being a clerk. And while Izzy was never very good at science, she found that strategy was more her taste...but she barely made the requirements to be a strategist. Instead, she was assigned to Lion Squad, having enough skill to at least be a lance corporal. A few of her squadmates believe that the reason Izzy likes order, harmony, and complete obedience to the rules is because she had such a hectic childhood -- something which isn't very true, but it amuses them. Also, unbeknownst anyone, she has a wee bit of affection towards the squad medic, Tavil, not only because she finds him attractive but also because he is what she believes the perfect soldier should be: clean, orderly, and precise, always obeying the rules and bearing one's rank with pride.
Intent: Another member of the Lion Squad; besides, not having a goody-goody to harass IC isn't very fun :(

Medic Wyrrt'avi'ladre, aka "Tavil"

Name: Wyrrt'avi'ladre; Medic; Prefers nah Swerr to call him "Tavil", but the majority of them call him "Blue".
Loyalties: One Sith; Chiss Ascendancy; Kerstas
Role: Medic
Development Threads: If necessary
Age: 23
Species: Chiss
Force Sensitivity: No
Appearance: See picture. His hair is a bluish-black colour, though like his cousin Erud'ryz'ladre it appears to be growing darker. (His cousin was born with bluish hair too, but around her 20th birthday it changed to black).
Personality: He's racist against humans and other non-Chiss, though he doesn't outwardly show it. Tavil just thinks he's better than most of them. Like many Chiss (and his cousin), he is also reserved in his manner and rarely displays emotions outside of annoyance -- something which has helped him immensely in becoming a top-notch medic. He has no particular love for the Sith, particularly an upstart like Kerstas coming in and trying to take over, but he won't let it interfere with his job.
Weapon of Choice: Military blaster pistol, but he would prefer to use his knowledge of medicine against his opponents.
Wealth: Decent enough
Combat Function: Rather than jump into the fight like everyone else, Tavil will wait on the sidelines until he is needed. From there, he will either drag the individuals to a safe place or, if it's near-impossible to move them, attempt to treat them on-site.
Skills: Somewhat decent with a pistol; he is also a brilliant medic, and for better or worse knows a helluva lot of poisons, toxins, and their various effects...so don't make him mad, mkay?
Notable Possessions: His medic kit, complete with various medicines and, errr, toxins.
Other Notes: A couple of years younger than his cousin, Erud'ryz'ladre, Wyrrt'avi'ladre also graduated from the Chiss Academy. However, unlike Dryzl, Tavil found that he much preferred to stay out of the fight. After talking it over with his parents (who, like his aunt and uncle, were shocked at Dryzl's decision), they decided his best line to follow would be medicine. Thus, Tavil immediately signed up for the One Sith Army and went through training to become a medic. As he went into that field just so he didn't have to fight, Tavil's bedside manner is somewhat lacking. Once you get to know him, though, he's not so bad.
Intent: It would be nice to have someone who can actually use a kolto patch properly...

Private Zakk Wyrd, aka "Radio"; Communication

Name: Private Zakk Wyrd, Communications Officer
Loyalties: One Sith, Kerstas
Role: Communications expert of the squad and a whiz with technology in general.
Development Threads: If necessary
Age: 25
Species: Human/Kiffar
Force Sensitivity: Slight; his Force Sensitivity is mostly directed towards an innate ability to figure out tech.
Appearance: See picture. Zakk has a bit of a geeky quality to him, something which he doesn't really work to dissuade.
Personality: Zakk is friendly enough, but the majority of the time prefers to be left alone. His head is, as the others say, "always stuck in the wires", so a lot of references (dirty or otherwise) tend to fly over his head. He gets a bit nervous around higher-ranking officers, causing him to stutter a bit (it was absolutely awful when he first joined the squad, as Sergeant Leon scared the pants off of Zakk. Now that it's been a little bit, Zakk isn't as put off by the older man -- but one look can send him a'flutter all over again). When it comes to technology, there are no boundaries or divisions; he is just as likely to go spaztic over an awesome piece of Republic tech as he is over Sith tech, and he's just downright impossible to be around when "fangirling".
Weapon of Choice: His datapad. Do NOT give him a gun. PLEASE.
Wealth: Decent
Combat Function: Zakk is the one who is in charge of keeping the coms up between his squad and HQ, making sure he enemy doesn't hijack their line, or when it really comes to it, slicing into stuff. As he downright sucks with a blaster, it is necessary for at least one gun-toting squad member to stay with him.
Skills: Electrical engineering; if slicing were a Force thing, he'd be Knight-level.
Notable Possessions: His datapad and the group's radio, both of which are his precious babies.
Other Notes: Nothing much to note here. Zakk could have been one of those hi-tech game designers or firewall-makers for the big companies, but the man wasn't content with that; he wanted to KNOW that his efforts were helping the Sith. Well, more like the military. Zakk is loyal to the Army, but he's not a crazy fanatical.
Intent: Kerstas is not qualified to handle the electronics, and her nature wouldn't allow her to become suddenly and inexplicably interested in it. Thus, a comm man for her squad.

Private Ani'ta Yaahns, aka "Boom Boom"; Demolitions

Name: Private Ani'ta Yaahns, aka "Boom Boom". Demolitions soldier
Loyalties: Leon; One Sith Army; Kerstas; One Sith
Role: She's the person who makes things go boom
Development Threads: If necessary
Age: 23
Species: Human (though some may swear that she's got some warrior race in her, as scary as she is when it comes to explosives)
Force Sensitivity: No
Appearance: See picture. No traditional tattoos, as Boom Boom refers to the many burns on her hands and arms as "all the tattooing I need".
Personality: A bit of a tomboy with a somewhat scary pyromaniac streak, Ani'ta is rebellious, stubborn, and at various times almost manic. The only real authority Ani'ta will listen to is Leon, mostly because he's one of the only authority figures who's earned her respect. Downright despises the Sith, and made her discontent over Kerstas taking partial control of the squad quite clear.
Weapon of Choice: Anything that she can explode.
Wealth: Decent
Combat Function: She is the one in charge of creating, planting, setting off, or disabling any explosives. If none are needed (which, to her, is blasphemous; "Every day is a good day to blow something up!")
Skills: Building a bomb; deconstructing a bomb; she isn't bad with a blaster, either.
Notable Possessions: None
Other Notes: Ani'ta, believe it or not, didn't want to be a demolitions soldier. Actually, she wasn't quite sure what she wanted to be outside of the typical rebellious teenager. However, her parents were great supporters of the One Sith and decided to kill two birds with one stone -- meaning they forced Ani'ta to go through military training so that she would not only grow out of her stubbornness, but also become a great servant for the Empire. During her training, however, the young girl kept getting into trouble for vandalism and, more prominently, causing small explosions.

Leon was visiting at the Academy during then, and saw Ani'ta as she was being led to be reprimanded. The man talked a bit with the girl, seeing potential in her for a great soldier. So, he took her under his wing like she was his own daughter, directing her newfound love of explosions towards demolitions training, and in the end earning Ani'ta's respect and loyalty. However, it should be noted that unlike the rest of her squadmates, Ani'ta harbours resentment towards many of the higher-ups in the military, and especially dislikes the Sith.
Intent: It would be good to add a demolitions soldier to the Lion Squad,

Private Verdar Ponrook, aka "Junior"; Infantry

Name: Private Verdar Ponrook; "Junior"
Loyalties: One Sith
Role: Cannon fodder Backup/extra gun
Development Threads: If Necessary
Age: 20
Species: Human
Force Sensitivity: None
Appearance: See picture
Personality: Being the youngest in the squad has earned him the nickname "Junior", but that's not the only reason -- fresh from training, Junior has an arrogant air to him that's different from Tavil's; Where the Chiss's quiet arrogance comes from the inherent societal belief that all non-Chiss are inferior, Junior's is an immature, boastful arrogance that makes it clear he thinks he's the Force's gift to everyone. It is so bad that Leon has yet to break him of it.
Weapon of Choice: Military blaster rifle
Wealth: Decent
Combat Function: Junior's main function is to basically assist where he's needed, be that to help carry something out of danger, provide cover fire, or anything else they can think of.
Skills: Well, he's really good at sabaac.
Notable Possessions: None
Other Notes: Like Boom Boom, Junior was also sent to the Army for being a problem child; unlike her, though, it wasn't because he was rebellious. It was because, having never had to lift a finger, Junior developed a lazy, superior attitude. And while the boot camp instilled some sense of motivation into him, he's still arrogant.
Intent: He is to be a normal soldier function-wise, because having special soldiers all on a squad can get boring. As for personality, well, he's just another spice in the cake.