"Scientifically speaking, the idea of true love is merely a series of chemical releases. The bonding chemical oxytocin, a large release of endorphins and dopamine. To discuss L-17's effect on V-01 is quite interesting. The two of them bonded quickly, and without the organic chemicals naturally produced, they bonded through nothing more than shared company. Perhaps it is their species limited population, but I could detect a flood of emotion when the two saw one another. An immediate trigger of code caused by the receptors identifying one-another."
"Furthermore they had experienced the same loss at Sernpidal and Coruscant, and they shared a common affinity for the ability known as gunslinging. Their capacity to draw and lock on a target at varying ranges was remarkable. Though I dare say they could do with some improvement in other combat fields."

"I observed the two eagerly throughout the Yuuzhan Vong War, and the two mingled often. While still objectified as mindless droids working to a specific code and program, these sentient machines found what could only be called a bonding of true love, if only to ignore the science behind the phenomenon. While unable to procreate and show physical affection, they found other ways to show affection."
"While marriage was not official for two droids, and unable to appropriately identify their species, it was not possible by law. This lack of ability to marry did not prevent them from partaking in a similar union. For all intents and purposes, L-17 and V-01 had married. It was around this time that the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar began, a successful bid to recapture Coruscant from the Yuuzhan Vong. By all means, no easy feat."

"Great towering beasts bio-engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong wrecked havoc on the combined assault forces. L-17 and V-01 moved as one in combat, a dance of grace and brutality. Their sidearms causing entire limbs of Vong to explode off from their bodies. A combination of immense slugs and their affinity for gunslinging. They moved through the battlefield with ease, overwhelming the former fortifications they had once held themselves."
"Their mechanical strength and size allowed them to overpower the Vong, and when they ran out of slugs, they used whatever they could find. Bashing large permacrete rocks into the shoulderblades of their enemy, or swinging a metal pole into their throats and knocking them to the ground. They weren't alone in this endeavor. Jedi and troopers were forcing their way forward. Tens of hundreds of them, and to these soldiers and Jedi, L-17 and V-01 had become more than 'just droids'"
"Our creation, beyond any doubt, is truly impressive. While they are not superior to any other species, it has been a joy to watch how they assimilate into this galaxy. The idea of love and marriage for our creations was something we never considered, but they have adapted to the cultures around them, and they have been adopted into their societies. That is also why what I must report in this case study is so tragic."
"Out of the dust-ridden streets of the newly reclaimed Coruscant, I found the two of them. Brutally injured, one more-so than the other. L-17, but for sake of compassion, Lima-17, had received a wound to her temple. The coolant in her systems was leaking out, her sound processors flooded, and her receptors had shut down. Blinded, mute, and dying, she cuddled up to Vigil-01. She overheated, and when her internal chips had fried, she cooled and went silent. He sat with her for two days after, unmoving and quiet."