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"Yeah, i'm doing another one. The first one... I guess kinda helped. A little."
The Echani sighs and runs a hand through messy white hair. She keeps looking around for something.
"Where's ma damn- Ah!"
She holds up a crushed pack of cigaras up and bites the end of one. She goes to light it, takes a long drag before finally pulling it away and speaking again.
"It's been..... I dunno anymore. A whole lotta days since the event people'r callin' "The Rapture". Still no sign of my husband. Still no sign that he's alive or dead at all. Still lookin'. I hit up Coruscant, Corellia, Naboo... Hell, I even popped over to Imerria ta let a friend hitch a ride. He ain't there neither."
She takes another long drag, swaying where she sits on a messy bed. By now, it is quite clear that she's had a few drinks.
"Keter's the friend, I mean. Off lookin' fer his daughter somewhere. I dunno. Some drama with a boy or somethin'... Still, was nice ta see a friend. Ain't got many of 'em anymore..."
She goes quiet for a full minute, just puffing at that cig between her black painted fingernails.
"...I miss my dad. Was easy when he was around. Then 'e got 'imself killed in some stupid war that I can't even remember the name of. Dad use ya take me out huntin' and fishin'. We used ta just sit by the lake all day, laughin' and scarin' the fish away. We'd-"
She blinks at the holorecorder. Something is in her eye but she wipes it away.
"Makes me think a lot, I guess. Bein' alone again. I stopped bein' used to it. Started lettin' myself get used to him instead. Keter says I should stop lookin' for him. I dunno. Maybe all this lookin'... just ain't healthy. Startin' ta wonder if it's makin' me crazy."
She snuffes out her cigara, but immediately lights up another. A pile of cigara butts are piled up on the bedside table beside her, indicating an out of control smoking habit.
"I'm headin' to the outer rim next. Gunna... I dunno. see what I can find?"
The woman reached over and without another word, turns off the holorecorder.
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