The Lonely Zeltron

I remember seeing him, Tiberius Rex across the cantina he looked so lost being in there, like it was his very first time in a cantina. He was celebrating and looking for someone to celebrate with so, I helped him.

His limited experiences gave me free reign to show him a world that he had never stepped into. A boxing match, gambling, dances till dawn underneath the star lit skies, the Jell-O wrestlers of the underground, and foods that danced on his tongue.

Everything was so so simple then. He was just a bounty hunter working for the Hutts. I didn't agree with it, Hutts and all. Their reputation well everyone knows about Hutts.

Then he got involved with the ship, Come with me he said. Try it, if you don't like it I'll make sure you get back home, promise.

So I went. Maybe I shouldn't have, maybe things would have been different. Maybe he'd still be here, hard to know. Hindsight in this case is not 20/20.

The ship was no better than raiding parties no matter how they justified it. I found myself having a very hard time accepting that life, one that Rex wanted. He would tell me this is our future, this is what gets us the credits.

I almost rather he be a bounty hunter again than a pirate. But Romeo had put that in his ear, Romeo with his convincing ways. I was torn I loved Rex but this life he wanted, it is not me. I feel it too, we zeltrons shun such emotions and now they are all around me, I'm drowning and Rex doesn't see it. All he sees are the credits.

It's been six months and now we are stationed on a planet in the outer rim. I'm so far from home I don't know how I will ever get back. I feel so far gone that I may disappear to become something else, someone else.

Rex is disappearing more and more often. He doesn't tell me where he's going or what he's doing. I might not want to know what he is doing.

I am in danger and must learn the ways of Shadows to live. Weapons training. The last thing a Zeltron should ever do is touch a weapon, we are not creatures who can take lives without it tearing us, reshaping us into something that is not a zeltron.

It's a year and I am not Breanna anymore, I don't feel like a zeltron I feel like a shadow. A Shadow isn't that fitting for today they announced themselves as the Shadow Empire, and Romeo is the Shadow King, and Rex is the right hand.

Gone are the talks of ridding the galaxy of slavery, now we are the slavers. Good credits they say. Good credits, the value of a life is worth good credits. I wanted to be sick right then.

Rex wants a child, he fears not having a legacy. He's a mandalorian and family is important. I can't have a child with someone that has forgotten that I exist, that thinks I am here now only for his...indulgences. This is a dark place and I am dying.

No matter how many times he says I love you, this is not the same man.

I won't give him a child, so he has opted to adopt one into his clan. A terror one that thinks nothing of rending things from the hands of the innocent from what I've seen. She needs love he says, she needs more than that. Those dark feelings are crawling all over me.

It is done she's a member of his clan, his daughter? I don't know maybe the shadows have finally sucked away any happiness I ever found in the light for now even I begin to take part in the dark thoughts around me. I see her now as a rival.

For the love of anything that can hear me, Romeo has snapped and disappeared, and Rex is now in charge, and he has given me title of Shadow Empress. There are meetings for the plans ahead and so far my only friend in these meetings is Viper. The meetings make my blood run cold. I need the sun. I need joy.

Rex is so deep in it now I never see him, I try to reach for him try to reason explain, touch his heart to find the kindness that I know lives in there. He is forming them into a military unit. I see it everywhere, the titles, the structures, and the eyes that watch every move looking for deception.

We are invading someone, he has asked me to go with him. I'm going, if the only thing I can do is beg for lives I will.

I am not Breanna Volsh any longer I am but pink mist that moves from room to room. This title wears on me like a planet resting between my shoulders. And Rex has disappeared the Shadows are once again in chaos.

I have to find a way out of here.

Romeo has resurfaced. I don't know whether to be thankful or frightened. I am removed from office thank goodness. I am thinking of going home to Zeltros but word has come, along with the images. The Sith are on Zeltros.

They lined my family up and killed them. I watched it over and over on the holo. My family is dead, Rex is gone, and I am completely alone now.

I have a plan, it will either work or it won't.

Judas Zambrano is the new intelligence director. I'm not supposed to know that but I am meeting with him to offer my skills.

I am now a highly trained spy with weapons skills. But it is not who I am inside, inside I long to be the free spirit under the sun. Sithspawn.

The meeting is set.

I am his right hand I will know as much as he does, do as much as he does he is impressed that I am a zeltron. I have showed him the scar where I was cut from hip bone to naval a reminder to me of what evil can be done, I should have paid more attention.

I couldn't tell him that I'm impressed that I can still think like a zeltron.

I AM FREE!!! It is at great cost, I revealed several locations to a smuggler in exchange for getting me off planet. But it is worth it, I'm Free. I'm really free. Free, and likely hunted.

But the last message is from my parents that I am able to take away from the new Shadow Dynasty, a promise they are holding me too. Come home to Zeltros retrieve the chest, and do what I must.

Death waits on Zeltros, the Sith are there. How am I going to get there? I'm headed to
Tatooine, the one place that has pilots that ask few questions. Maybe I can barter services, something. Anything.

I must fulfill my promise.