Liber Libertas
A Publication of O.O. from the High Priestess whose Name is hidden.
Witness my seal

Chapter One
Hear our Word, for it is the only Word; the first and the last.
We speak in riddles, you and I.
Rested upon the cliff face of eternity, we weep for desire, bellowing out for that which we are not worthy, nor are capable of attaining.
But we have discovered the secret to that most almighty; the sacred key to the gates of Freedom.

Within thy deepest desires is found this key, hidden from view of mortals.
Its place in our world has been secret for so long, we no longer recall its purpose nor its identity.
But we must seek the innermost magick with the deepest of sincerity,
And therefore are found worthy and noble in our cause.

Not all those who begin this quest may be found worthy.
Those who are not become rodents in the eyes of the Great Infinite,
For It has no time for the chatter and play of children!
This Is It! The ineffable All so many seek. O joy, O joy!

By invoking our Name may one become divine and reign in the land of infinitude.
Let it be known that no debauchers, beasts and heathens are tolerated here.
Any and all heresy shall be punished with swift execution under the Will of the Gods.
Only by listening to the True Word shall thou find the Name.

To seek thy speech, one must listen.
To seek thy hearing, one must see.
To seek thy sight, one must taste.
To seek thy taste, one must awaken.