My name is Quinn Varanin, I was writing to you to discuss the creation you call “Changeling.” I do have to commend you on your skills of Sith Magic and Alchemy, but I think you could use them more productively.

The reasoning behind this thought process, dear Adrian, is that you need to think beyond the functionality of a creation. Possibly make said creation look better as well. I do commend you on Arrik; he’s quite amazing in every way but fails in comparison to another that will remain unnamed. My bias on the matter is irrelevant, but you should really try harder at creating something beautiful.

I hate to say it, but the changeling is as hideous as an Arkanian who are just budget Echani. You should try and make something beautiful like an Echani.

Echani are superior in every way, shape, and form to every other being in this galaxy. Our lithe forms are perfect war machines, but also beautiful like pieces of art. If you need some examples, I’ll be glad to send you some references for the beauty and majestic nature of the Echani people.

I hope this letter finds you well and that you destroy all your hideous creations - except Arrik. He’s my friend.


Quinn Varanin