Hey Big Bro,
It's been a while. I've been out flying Jenny, and wouldn't you know it? I crashed her again. Seems like I always was doing that, but you just had that one stroke of bad luck and look who's got the yoke now. Really sorry, Bro. Wish you could see me. Wish we were hangin' out. Just me and Jenny's been lonely.
Guess you've figured out by now there's more to this letter.
So, turns out I applied to the Starfighter Corps and here I am now. Got picked up by a nice squadron and stuffed into an X-Wing cockpit straight away. They liked that I'm a barnstormer and I guess I schooled some of the oldsters in the sims. Not that they were gonna reject me anyway. They're taking just about anyone who wants in the war.
Hope Mom and Dad are alright with it. You always knew I could handle myself, 'cause you taught me how. I've survived enough wrecks as it is, so I doubt I'll ever be down-and-out. So don't worry about me. Make sure they know that. It's just the right thing to do, anyway.
I'll update you on my kill tally as soon as I get some live action. So far--kinda quiet on my front. You can write me at any time. Lead delivers care packages routinely, so I'll get it fast enough. Can't chat often since they don't let us have our datapads all the time. Discipline, I guess.
Anyway, that's all I've got to say for now. Get well soon. Give Mom and Dad my best.
Love you Big Bro.