Wait, Waddles making a post about communication? What has the world come to?

Sad to tell some of yall despite what predisposition some of you may hold about me, I’m all about communication. I love reaching out across the border and talking to other people. Whether it's in an Invasion, about a 1v1 duel, or just shooting the shit with people. But I’m also the same person who’s upfront about what they think and will say what I feel. I don’t hold my tongue for anyone. I don’t care if you’re the Site Owner, Faction Owner/Staff, someone who’s been on this site for years, or just wrote your first post ever, I’ll talk to you the exact same way. I’ll do this whether it be in your own faction discord, on the board in a post, or in DMs with you.

The big issue right now on Chaos is that no one else is wanting to talk with the people on the other side. What you find instead is people retreating to their discords, or hidden chats and talking shit about the person or group of people that they don’t agree with in echo chambers that do nothing but make the issue worse and cause even greater division.

“These people don’t like me”

“They’re targeting me.”

“They want to see me fail.”

There are very few instances where this is actually the case despite what some of you may feel. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your idea doesn’t mean they dislike you. Just because someone invades you doesn’t always mean there's OOC beef. And if you do feel like this may be the case why reach out to the other side and just talk about it? Yes, there will always be those people who are fake, who will smile at you while talking shit through their teeth. Those are the people you avoid, they’re the ones you can ignore and be proud of yourself knowing that you at least tried to talk first instead of retreating to an echo chamber.

Does some of this boil down to people forming cliques that they’re comfortable with and hang/write with? Yes.

Does this also come from people taking the board way too seriously? Of course it does.

What can be done to fix all of this? Communication, and living life. Take a break from the words on that screen, stop caring about the Map Game, about a character’s reputation, or even about what others are doing. Yes you put time into Chaos like you do any other hobby, yes this is an escape from real life but it should not be something you tie yourself so heavily to that you forget about the real world or try to make up for what you missed out on in life here. Remember that we come here to write Star Wars stories so reach out to other people. We’re all humans here (Except Tefka). So why don’t people start acting like it and talk?

If you think I'm aiming something at you, how about you DM me and talk it out?