Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have had a character idea in which I would like your feedback on.

Zavros Sileni is the working name, a Sorean noble scion confined to a hoverchair after the Gulag took the use of his legs. He became the black sheep of his family and in his isolation he turned to the sciences. He was a brilliant student, driven by his desire to gain the use of his legs again. He was often isolated and studied long into the night. After being bullied in private academies, he was tutored at home, further isolating him.

Zavros graduated from the most prestigious University on Sorenno with adavnced specilizations in biochemistry. He gained a prominent research post through family connections. There for several years, he drew no closer to restoring the use of his legs. Frustrated, he went to a private facility where they cut off his lower half and replaced it with cybernetic legs.

Sileni finally had what he wanted, for after rehabilitation, he could walk again. There were complications, though, which caused him almost constant 'phantom' pain where his legs should be. The Sileni family also found out and dishoned him, saying he was half human. Ashamed and angry, he fled to an isolated island where he worked for a well-known companies' hidden labs developing semi and fully illegal pharmaceuticals.

He began to use a mix of opiates and stimulants, the first to dull his pain and the second to counteract the effects of the opiates. While there, his black market connections brought him information regarding Sith Alchemy. Zavros grew fascinated with the dark arts, believing they could restore him to what he wanted and perhaps even more. Like many, the Dark Side began to take hold of him and made him obsessed.

He replaced his forearms and hands also with cybernetics as the organic ones had begun to spasm and become almost useless for hours at a time. He would later use those hands to return home and strangle his family.

Basically, through a combo of an isolated childhood, being ostracized by his family, physical pain, drugs and the Dark Side he has begun to become mentally unstable. Physically, his cybernetics have made him inhumanly fast and strong. However, he depends on the Dark Side to keep pain at bay as well as his 'speedballs'. He uses a transpirator mask to enhance his breathing and compensate for the damage the Gulag did to his respitory system. However, he would not die without it.

As a result of tissue loss, he has unknowingly hampered future abilities in the Force. He cannot use Force Lightning nor tutaminis for much the same reasons as Darth Vader. He depends on telekinesis type abilities. He wields a light-shoto which uses a synthetic cystal fused with shards of bronze natural cystals. The beam is a molten red-bronze colour and can be widened for more cutting power in a dual-phase effect. Sileni uses his shoto to absorb energy attacks and deflect blasters Shien-style. He also uses Niman. He is dependant on the Force to augment himself physically to make him even more formidable to compensate for lack of strength and advanced abilities in the Force.