President - Ferron Troste
The President has ultimate responsibility for the corporation's activities, and signs off on contracts and other legally-binding action on behalf of the corporation. The President holds all authority over the corporation.

Secretary - Open
The Secretary administrates the company, maintaining and keeping corporation's records, documents, and ensuring the Company stays within the legal law of certain Factions, Organizations, or other corporations. There may be more than one Secretary within the Company and do not have explicit loyalty to the company. They can be seen as representatives of other organizations.

Chief Operation Officer - Open
Charged with managing the corporation's day-to-day affairs, the COO reports directly to the President. Usually seen as a diplomatic official to other organizations, representing the company and having loyalty to the company.
[member="Cato Marek"] - Kuat Systems Engineering

Treasurer - Open
The Treasurer is responsible for almost all of the corporation's financial matters, keeping the company money safe and accurate. They have limited. access to these funds.

Ferron Troste - 60%
Ultimatum - 0.5%​