This list of Organizations shows how Kuat Drive Yards sees them, and if they are willing for trade, contracts, or other opportunities​
Relations can be improved by speaking to or negotiating with the President or Chief Operations Officer, or by becoming a Secretary​

Enigmatic - KDY is unsure about this organization, and seeks more information or formal greetings
Neutral - KDY has neither a positive nor negative opinion of this organization
Wary - KDY is very cautious with this organization, and it may easily lead to a positive or negative opinion

Receptive - KDY finds this organization approachable, but that is all
Cordial - KDY finds this organization to be professional and pleasant
Friendly - KDY considers this organization an ally
Protective - KDY is very fond of this organization, and may seek to defend them
Loyal - KDY is very loyal to this organization, may even feel as if they owe them a debt

Unfriendly - KDY does not have good relations with this organization, and may reject trade agreements with them
Threatened - KDY feels this organization is a threat to them, in any way shape or form, and rejects all trade agreements, but open to talks. They are banned from KDY Territory
Rival - KDY considers this organization a rival, and may seek competition. All trade agreements are rejected and most talks are rejected
Hostile - This organization is considered an enemy of KDY. They are denied access to all KDY territories, and potentially fired at on sight

Major Factions
The Rebel Alliance - Enigmatic
The First Order - Wary
Order of the Silver Jedi - Wary
The Mandalorian Empire - Neutral
The Fel Empire - Neutral
Outer Rim Coalition - Enigmatic
The Republic Remnant - Enigmatic
Commenor Systems Alliance - Cordial
Confederacy of Independent Systems - Threatened
The Sith Empire - Hostile

Minor Factions
The Bounty Hunters Guild - Neutral
The Je'daii Order - Wary
The Eternal Empire - Hostile

Legacy of Organics Manufacturer - Protective
Star Tours - Receptive
Royal Naboo Shipyards - Receptive
Arceneau Trade Company - Enigmatic
Sasori Research - Receptive
Armatech Industries - Enigmatic
DCMM - Wary
Silk Holdings - Receptive
Castellax Foundation - Wary

The Wretched Hive - Receptive