My Mothers spellbook was destroyed on the day she and the rest of my Clan fell to the ill-led Mandalorian Invasion on Dathomir. For any who follow after me, if there are any, I will try to save what knowledge I have. First are the spirits who have long had agreements with we witches, who need not be approached individually.
The Ur-Brier
This is an ability I do not use often, for I personally have no great skill in communicating with any of the Ur Plant Spirits, but I tell you know it could certainly be used and used well. The Ur-Brier is a very old, and very strong spirit, for it's boon the Surge of the Brier will allow you to use not just it's own children, but to shape any plant into a facsimile of it's children, turning what may be a safe plant into a suddenly growing mass of vines to ensnare you enemy, and at your command, sprout thorns to impale them. My warnings on this ability are two-fold. If the ground does not bear the sustenance the plants need for this sudden growth, they will drain it from you. Nothing is free. Secondly, if unlike me you specialise in the abilities and boons of the Ur-Plants, be careful that you do not anger a potential ally by twisting their children into the form of the Brier, or that other Ur-Spirit may withdraw it's blessing from you.
The Ur-Chiroptix
The Ur-Chiroptix will grant those witches whoa ask the Ears of the Chiroptix, which will increase you hearing. This can be good for catching whispers, for locating an enemy who tries to remain hidden. Even more though, if you are somehow rendered blind, this Spirit will grant you a new way to see. The sounds all around you will paint an image in your head, if you relax and let it do so. Understand that your mind was not made to interpret sound this way, that it is through the allowance of the Ur-Spirit that you understand. Struggling with the why's of it will make his gift less effective, this is true for most Ur-given gifts. If there is little sound around you, I've found a quick click of the tongue more than enough to show me my surroundings. It gives away your location of course, but to my mind better that than to not know my surroundings.
The Ur-Kiin'Dray
The Touch of the Kiin'Dray has proved invaluable to me many times. It can be duplicated by some forms of technology, but it is an extremely useful boon all the same. You can apply at will to your body a binding force, an attraction, a spiritual stickiness if you will, that will allow you to scale nearly any surface.It can also be used to ensure you cannot be casually disarmed, though in some cases one must make a choice between discarding a weapon and breaking a wrist, so be not too stubborn. For the assassin or the spy, this will let you hide in places that may not usually be checked, many species do not think to look up.
The Ur-Ssurian
Far more martial on the face of things is the boon of this spirit, the Scream of the Ssurian, but this is in keeping with the nature of the Ur-Ssaurian and it's children. With this boon you will be able to bring forth a great cry, the fiercest of which can shatter teeth or pop eardrums. Many beings forget to guard themselves against sonic attack, and this may serve you well when all other weapons fail. Also it can be used to signal across very long distances when technology is not available, or not safe to use. Some non-organic material can also be shattered by it, providing distraction when needed.
The Ur-Toocha
Sometimes speed is life, and the Speed of the Toocha has saved many lives, and taken many of our enemies. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that with this you are untouchable, it is never so. A smart enemy may predict your moves and attack where you will be. Also be aware of this abilities tendency to drain you. Unless you are certain of victory, and you should very rarely be certain, do not let all of your energy drain away just to be fast. First and foremost you must be smart. Still, when perhaps you must reach a down comrade, this boon can be indispensable.
The Ur-Whuffa
For those who have been injured, this boon is of great and more use. Revitalisation of the Whuffa is one of the strongest healing forces in the galaxy, though slow. It is true a severed limb can these days be replaced with a cybernetic, but such things can sometimes interfere with our ability to tap the web, to commune with the spirits and speak with and through nature. With this boon, a limb can be regrown, whole and strong. Harder to do such a thing for someone else though. Certainly possible to staunch a grievous wound in another that they may live another day. To regrow a limb for someone else, this would take many applications of the skill over many days, perhaps even seasons. Still, it is possible.
The Ur-Veshet
This boon is useful to tracker or tracked. Scent of the Veshet can let you pick out scents from as many as a hundred metres. If you should be alone and are not, this will help to tell you, similarly if you are familiar with someone scent you could track them. It does however have its weaknesses. Where many scents are mixed it can be difficult to separate them and find the one you wish. Additionally, you should never boast of this ability, for all it takes is your opponent to throw down a scent bomb and with your heightened senses.. It can be every bit as debilitating as a flash bang, and leave you nose-numb for hours. But if like the Veshet, you stay out of sight, unknown until it is time to strike, this can give you great advantage.