Hello everyone! I plan to use this blog to review games, both good and bad. While I don't want this to be bare bones, these game reviews will be brief and not waste too much of your precious time. I figured, what better way to start than to review one of my favorite, if not my #1, Star Wars game of all time. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.
Spoiler Ahead! Watch Out!
Alright, so I don't remember why I bought KOTOR, I just did. I bought it in a two pack, with it's sequel (which I haven't completed) KOTOR is a majestic piece of game that I compare other games to. With tons of lore, story driven action, and twists and turns KOTOR is arguable the best Star Wars game of all time. KOTOR is a well done RPG that is second only to games like Chrono Trigger.
The game begins with you waking up on board a ship that's being attacked, with no memory of what happened before you slept. The plot is very mysterious throughout the entire game, and you don't really get resolution until the very end of the game. At the end of it all, you eventually find you that you are Darth Revan, a former ally of the game's antagonist Darth Malak.
Upon escaping the ship, you crash land on Taris with this dude called Carth. Carth and you become pretty tight over the course of the game. The next step of the game is to find the Jedi, Bastilla Shan. While I won't go into the entire plot, the game has a very in depth one and does a really good job in that area.
The area of the game I'm not too fond of is the beginning. I've actually tried to replay the game, but can't get pass the first few hours of it. It seems rather bland, and the story doesn't advance much. But, if you can push yourself through the first bit of the game, the second half of it is amazing. You pretty much travel around to different planets, make allies and build you crew.
Oh yeah! The crew, I completely forgot. Much like many other RPGs, you have crew members or companions. Several of them you get no matter what, however several are optional. There's even a point in the game where you can kill someone or not. That small decision decides whether you get a crew member or not. It's done really well, one of the better parts of the game. Perhaps the most infamous character in the game is the optional crew member, HK-47. While he is the hardest to get, he is by far the best member of the crew in respects to dialogue and combat. HK is especially hard to get because you have to travel to almost every planet in the game (don't worry, there are just a few) and get a part for him. However, the reward is worth it.
Combat in the game is done really well. The game does a really good job of slowly introducing you into combat, one step at a time. There are two main styles, a turn based one or one where you attack just as fast as you can. Being a Pokemon player, I preferred the turn based one. Combat isn't terribly hard, until the end of the game where it becomes very difficult.
Gear and equipment is also very well done. I like that KOTOR doesn't limit you in any way. ''You want Bastilla's lightsaber for yourself? Go for!'' KOTOR seems to say. The game developers made a game that the fans wanted, and it paid off.
Finally, the light side and dark side spectrum is, different. While I won't say it's bad, (I love it) some people dislike it. You can make as many good or bad decisions in the game, but if you want to flip the switch in the last hour-or-so of the game, you can. While there are advantages to this style, there are certainly disadvantages. It really depends on your play style.
So, in the end. KOTOR is a krayt pearl in a sea of bantha poodoo games. I don't rate games on a scale from 1 to 10, but I will tell you what I think at the end. KOTOR is magnificent, and if you haven't played it, you should.
Want me to review more games? Just Star Wars games? Games outside of Star Wars? Post you opinion about KOTOR and what games I should review, in the comments.