I have a fondness for the song Kids by The Midnight. Specifically the prelude version. See below. While listening I was inspired to write my own lyrics to the same tune. I suggest listening to the song and then reading my lyrics. I think my lyrics are like the story of life in condensed form.

My Lyrics/Poem
We grow up, or so we're told,
Just to have little ones to hold.
They grow up, they're like us, too.
We wonder what they will do.

We grow up, bills to pay,
New monsters come every day.
Drink a glass, or maybe two,
Just to handle the things we do.

We grow up, as our kids do,
There're monsters in their heads too.
New years come, and then they go,
We go on as they grow old.

We grow up, then pass away,
Our kids become us one day,
We move on, as parents do,
So our kids can start anew.