Self training is simple and since most people i know think they need a master to get somewhere... This made me made this small guide.​

Welcome to how to Self train!!!!!
  • Make your own Master!
I've done it before! its satisfying! In SWRP i have made two master rank NPCs and bothed required a Dev thread so expect one.

If you dont like NPCs or too lazy to make one. You can also use a Knight or Master rank Character that you write. Good example of this is Kezeroth Training ( my Main Dark Jedi) training my Sith Nulgath Zardai. Personally i like this route better too.
Doing either is practically the same thing except in my opinion the ladder choice is little funner ( yes i know funner isnt a word). And depending on the writer, the interaction between characters can be fun to roleplay out and re-read.
" But I thought you couldn't promote your own characters??!!?!?!?!" ... And your absolutely right you cant but you can ask for a Roleplay Judge to represent ya! Its one reason why they are there! And if you have enough RPs and stuff then most likely you will become a knight or master.
  • The Grind
This one I personally use most. Its pretty simple too. You have a new Force user and instead of looking for a master you simply hop straight into the action that is Open Roleplay and learn. Everything you do in a thread potentially increases your skills in the force.

Here is an Example: Join a Skirmish, Fight someone ( Saber combat/ Force attacks blah blah.), Survive the battle and escape.
If that example wasnt good enough then just think about Luke Skywalker in New Hope. He was a complete Pleb. Honestly he was a Noooob. But he quickly hops in the action and next time we see him in Empire Strikes Back, hes practically a Jedi. You can see the progress real well!
Through that you have become stronger than you were before the thread even happened and if you apply "The Grind" to a specific Force ability then things get really fun.
Now "The Grind" can be done in several ways and is pretty darn diverse. You like reading to learn new stuff then you can do that. You like killing then do that! There is no real limit honestly.
  • Other? :confused: :confused:
Ummmmmmm.... I cant think of any more methods to self train. I feel like those two really work the best. Tell me what you think about my guide! Stay Creative!
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