KDY Protection Contract

By agreeing to this contract, LOOM (Ultimatum), agrees to restrict military assets near or in KDY space, without proper agreement by both parties. LOOM (Ultimatum) Will not be the cause nor the supporter of direct nor indirect company to Ferron Troste, Kuat Drive Yards, it's property, assets, or other items. However, both parties are legally allowed to enter into defensive wars if involved with one another, to protect their own assets. As long as their forces do not engage the other, this contract will not break. By agreeing, Ferron Troste is legally obligated to sell LOOM (Ultimatum) shares of the company, until both parties are satisfied, or until there are no purchasable shares left available to LOOM (Ultimatum). Shares in KDY are serious, as they could mean the new future owner of the company (Legally binding, OOC.)​

LOOM (Ultimatum) Signature