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Name: Kaymen
Designation: Non-sentient
Homeworld: Dalakia
Language: None
Average height of adults: 4 meters (around 13 feet) standing on all fours from toe to head
Skin color:
  • White
  • Varrying shades of black
  • Blue scale tips
Hair color: None
Breathes: Type I
  • Fast swimmer
  • Powerful jaws, falsely believed to be locking
  • Sharp teeth
  • Sharp front claws
  • Can hold its breath for 3 hours
  • Film over eye makes it able to see in the water
  • Thick hide can take more than a few blaster bolts
  • Burra Fish oil {Deadly Allergy}
  • Very slow on land
  • Makes nest on land
  • Small clutch (2 to three eggs)
  • Leaves eggs to hatch and live on their own {No familial protection}
  • Traditional Zanji weapons can pierce its hide
  • Lightsabers cut through it like butter
  • Hunted for its scales which are viewed as valuable and are highly sought after
  • Large scales on back hold tons of nerves, ie weak spot.
  • Huge body type
  • Flat tail to aid in swimming
  • Small head
  • Four rows of large stalagmite-like scales
Average Lifespan: 70-100 Years
Races: None
Estimated Population: ~15,000 and shrinking due to over hunting
Diet: Carnivore
  • Deathly Allergic to Burra Fish and Burra Fish oil
  • Hissing
  • Body language
Culture: The Kaymen is seen as a prized animal in the ecosystem of Zanjiani's waterways. They operate as one of the planet's apex predators, a source of food, and their scales and eggs were seen as valuable in native markets. The toughness of the scales is seen as the perfect armor in battle as it breathed enough for it to be used in
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General behavior: The Kaymen is a giant aquatic reptile native to Zanjiani. It lives in the Bayou, lakes, waterways and along the coasts of the planet's main continent. The animal spends most of its time in the water and thus has evolved to have certain biological boons that help it live in its environment. The Kaymen will stay at the bottom of a body of water or along its bank, submerged in the wet earth to hide in hopes of an ambush. It uses sensory organs that are a part of every single scale that allow it sense water and air pressure changes, movement in the water. This is what makes the Kaymen such a successful ambush hunter.

The Kaymen will breed during the dry season, laying one to three blue, gem-like eggs, about the size of a human fist, at a time they bury them in shallow pits to incubate them over time. However, after the eggs are laid the Kaymen will abandon them, leaving the eggs and subsequently the babies vulnerable. During this time they are prey for many of the planet's creatures including frogs, spiders, birds and fish. Kaymen reach maturity once they attain a certain size rather than an age. At the size of 2 meters in length Kaymen are considered fully mature.
History: Deemed to be the oldest species on Zanjiani, the kaymen, also known as the Zanji Dragonsnake, is believed to be relatively unchanged for millions of years. One of the most dangerous creatures, the largest carnivore on the planet with an average of 2-6 meters in length. For thousands of years the kaymen was hunted for its hide which proved to take the brunt of the damage from primitive weapons like bows and various blades. It was hunted to near extinction, but the decline in human hunting during the Gulag Plague allowed for the species to bounce back in a tremendous way.
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