Corso had been walking for four days, he ran out of rations yesterday and was hungry. He could feel the temple now, it would be a few hours but the force pulsated with its power. He could not wait to draw a warm bath, eat a meal, and relax before he would engage in his first. Such a feeling was squashed 4 hours later where he came across the pillars. Closing his eyes he reached with the force, he felt great power pulling him towards the center but he felt no one. This temple was completely abandoned, which only soured the mood of the Journeyer. Exhausted he sat near the water in the center and took a sip.

It was late, too dangerous to look for food now. He would have to forage for food tomorrow when it was safe. Taking in a deep breath he lay by the water, he closed his eyes. He focused his will to meditate on his journey and drift off to sleep...

Eyes shot open with the sound of a metal pole hitting against a rusted bed frame. "Up rat! Time to get on the street and make a living," he knew that voice. It was the monster who ran the slicer gang that 'took him in,' how was that even possible? He was taken from them to Tython, he had power. Oh, the thought crossed his mind, he wasn't the same child who let Fellax kick him in the ribs. He knew things now, maybe he could create a friction field to tear off a layer of skin. Yes... So tempting to give into Bogan, he could assert his dominance for hours if he wanted to, the cold feeling of power really did put a rush through someone's system.

"I don't think I will," Corso said coldly. the force weaving between his fingers, but that was when he remembered why he was there. Was this a part of the trial? He was at the temple of balance, and despite living his past such thoughts continued before he felt a giant fist from the Rodian connect with his face. Using his training he literally rolled with the punch and stumbled over a chest. The taste of blood filled his lip and with the force, he shot a nearby lamp at his assailant. The Rodian flew back and into a wall, he seemed stunned. For the first time Corso stood over him, his lightsaber shot to his hand. All of the times he felt worthless and weak he finally would take Fellax's life. He activated the beam, but then took in a deep breath and mastered his emotions.

"I am off to better things," Corso said as he stepped over Fellax, lightsaber disabled and holstered at the leather hip holster he wore. Just as the scene appeared when he fell asleep changed, this time it was like he woke up where he fell asleep. This time a female in robes sat next to him she had food and she looked at him with inhumane serenity. She was a Zabrak, with orange skin, delicate tattoos, and golden hair. She was gorgeous but seemed to be in a place of complete calm. His stomach grumbled again as she handed him a bowl of stew. Corso didn't think he gobbled it up, he hadn't eaten in almost two days.

"I'm Sybal'ken, a Jedi Knight of the Galactic alliance. I must say you're not the first Journeyer I have seen, they always seem to be in the same condition," she said thoughtfully. Corso wasn't stupid, he reached out with the force to feel her intent, it didn't appear that she was deceiving him but she seemed overly concerned.

"Corso," he said as he set the bowl aside. "A Jedi huh? I was told to steer clear of your kind on my Journey, that you would try to convert me to an Ashla only philosophy," Corso said politely while smiling at the Zabrak.

"Your quest is folly, your order steers towards an Archiac philosophy that either leads death to Journeyers or takes your friends to the dark side," she said with concern. "Your order is dying because of this, we haven't heard of ascension to Ranger in over a decade, most of these temples like this are abandoned. Please I beg you come back with me, learn as a Padawan we will help you find harmony," she said as she rested her hand on his shoulder.

The physical contact was great and the idea of harmony sounded Especially, after he nearly lost it and murdered Fellax. He then remembered that if he went down his path he would have to kill both his happiest and saddest feelings. These feelings were the things that made him an individual with free will, by understanding the good and the bad he would fully understand his connection to the force. For a moment a tear went down his cheek, harmony sounded so nice but he's heard stories of what Jedi are willing to do in the name of the lesser evil. Slowly he grabbed her wrist and removed it from his shoulder.

"I can't, we don't teach to choose one moon over the other, we learn to overcome the eclipse of either moon to fully live with balance in the force. If you try to take me with you, you will have to kill me," tears still rolling down her eyes his face was more serious. Ever since his training he felt socially isolated, something he missed within the misery of Corellia. After the words left his mouth he felt a bright light, his eyes were open, his stomach no longer growled with hunger but he had a feeling that it was time to move on from this temple to the next, it was like an instinct implanted into his head. The next one was nearly a three-week journey on foot but he couldn't will himself to his feae. Instead, he thought about how he stopped himself from killing the person who tormented him as a child, and for turning down a Jedi who appeared to have his best interest. For the first time, he felt empowered because he was given the choice to direct his destiny and again he cried...