Entry 1: A Vision of the Future?

Due to the recent and disturbing visions I have experienced, I have decided to keep record of my thoughts for later reflection. It has been many years since I last had visions as powerful as these; visions so powerful that they can bring great traumas to ones mind. The most recent of late was a vision of great despair and suffering. I can still taste the bitter tang of ash on my tongue, but even so the message is unclear. Who will be brought suffering? Is it too late to warn anyone? Or has it already begun?

I can recall the exact details as if it were seared into my mind. I stood in midst of a barren wasteland, the blackened landscape flat and lifeless against a blood-red horizon. Strung across this unnatural land were the decaying corpses of outlandish creatures that I have never seen before. They were massive things of fangs and claws, their dead eyes containing only the remnants of dark soul that had long since left the body.

I strode across this distillate land of nightmares, but saw only more death with every step I took. It was not until several moments into this vision that a more hellish picture began to unravel. The ground shook violently and fissures of immense magnitude began to rip the surface asunder, revealing to me the demonic glow of what I can only believe was the gate to chaos itself.

From this strange, burning fissure of the surface rose a mighty dragon. It's neck was long and several meters thick in diameter. The scales it bore were of the darkest black I had seen, dark enough to swallow the rays of even the brightest of suns. It's head, which was crowned with a wreath of spikes that grew from its head, rose far above the skyline. Even so, I could see its eyes glowing green as they stared down upon me with a hate as pure and concentrated as the love between a wife and husband.

I felt as if I were encompassed by its very presence, there was nowhere I could run where its shadow would not stretch. As it readied itself to devour me, another presence made itself known. A Nexu, its fur pure and white, leap from thin air like a spirit spawning from oblivion. It landed beside me, its fangs bared as it stared up at the mighty dragon high above me. It growled as if a viscous guard dog protecting its master, yet its feet were bound by heavy chains. It would try to move, but the chains would bind tighter and cause the beast to stumble to the ground.

The Dragon bellowed in laughter, its eyes set on the Nexu for but a split moment before it exhaled a cloud of fire that consumed the white Nexu. The fires raged around the beast, I thought that surly it would have been incinerated by the flames...but it emerged from them as a triumphant warrior emerging from the fields of battle. The chains that once bound its legs had been melted off and now hung uselessly off its ankles. The Dragon seemed surprised, but not fearful.

The Nexu then pounded at the dragon, digging its fangs deep into the Dragon's neck and ripping a gaping wound into its flesh. The blood surged from the dragon like water through a broken dam but still the dragon mustered the strength to grasp the Nexu in its jaws and swallow it whole as it bled to death. With a last howl of pain the dragon fell to the ground, its head motionless. I thought this to be the end of the vision, until I saw movement within the dragon's wound.

Bursting forth from the wound was the Nexu, its fur covered in thick layers of black blood from the Dragon. It moved differently than it had before...it stalked toward me as a predator and not a guard dog. Even its eyes had begun to glow a dark red as it approached. The closer it got, the more deformed it became. First the eyes turned red, then the fur began to become thick spikes that lined it entire body...then wings sprouted from its back. By the time it was in front of me I knew what it was becoming

It had become an exact copy of the dragon it had just slain. I tried to move backwards, but I met resistance. When I looked back to see what I had hit, I saw a thick row of scales and then I was awoken.

I know not what this vision means, not yet. Is it a warning, or a prophecy? Much is unknown at the moment, but the nature of this vision has kept me up in the deep hours of the night. Never have I witnessed such a vision, even during the rise of the Sith Empire. I will meditate on this vision more and perhaps more details will reveal themselves.