"Not entirely sure what's going on anymore".
Journal Entry: #7.
Location: The Repertoire.
Subject: Family, Friends or Foes?
(With a side of Asaraa <3)
I've been wondering where this thing has been hiding...-Last time I recorded anything here, Commenor had just been freed from the Sith and Mom had up and disappeared. Ashla and Bogan both know how that all turned out, God's...Where do I even start?
First off, I'm just on my way back to Kashyyyk after catching up with Lori...-It's been years, how mental is that? We used to be inseparable when we were kids but I guess with everything that's happened since, training under the Je'daii and her going off to train with Uncle Kaine and them...That's life, or so I'm told. Sounds like she's been spending time with Mom lately. I haven't seen her since she was taken from Commenor. Dad visited her a lot when she was in Prison but only once since she's been out and he refuses to talk about it...-I'm not really sure what to think about things there, it's like they're not even married anymore.
How about Lori and I? We're doing great, nothing'll keep us from having fun together but I can tell she's not happy about how things are going with Mom and Dad either. Used to be I couldn't look Dad in the eye for what happened on Commenor, but now with Mom on the other side of the Galaxy, turns out both our Parents are screwed up...
Lately it's been a whole lot easier just focusing on Asa and me. Maybe it's selfish but Lori and I got our lives to think about too and Asaraa's been great (of course!). I've been working real hard to keep all my credits together, though I think she's noticed I've not been around much. I had this wicked idea and I think I'm almost ready to surprise her with it. I found this ad on the holo-net for a really wicked looking space-station people can live on and stuff. I've almost got enough together to put a deposit down on our my own place! She has no idea yet, but I'm gonna ask if she wants to make something of it together. We basically live together on Kashyyyk anyway, so I figure what the hell!
Speaking of which, the Silver Jedi have been really welcoming. Master Yuroic especially, even though he does his best to pretend to be a hard ass. He's very protective over Asa, and it's awesome really, despite how often he threatens to pull out his bow on me. Asaraa's never really had the whole family situation like Lori and I did back on Commenor and I know that he means a lot to her...-I wonder if I should hit him up about things before I ask Asa. Crap, I hadn't considered that...
There's been a few attacks lately against the World's under the protection of the Silver Order. I've been involved in one of them, and from what I could tell the one's attacking were Mandalorian. I've already given Lori the heads up back on Dahgee. I'm a little worried about what that means for her and Mom. They're both real tight with the Mandalorians. Uncle Kaine and Yasha being our cousin and stuff. People on the holo-net are saying the attacks aren't related, but then I'm hearing mixed stories too. Apparently the Sith is friendly with them now too. yeah, the same ones that attacked Commenor. There's Sith in the Confederacy too, but apparently they're good Sith? Sounds hard to believe but Asha always told me to give people the benefit of the doubt. You can't choose your family and all that, right? I'm just hoping things don't get any worse...-Mom and Dad are on opposite sides of the Galaxy and if more fighting breaks out then what's supposed to happen there?
Even more reason to get that place on Outer-Heaven, (That's the name of the Space-Station! Kinda corny but with how things are looking likely, it might just make sense in a messed up kinda way).
Can't believe Lori asked if I was married yet...
Anyway, I'm sitting here in the cockpit with Lexus watching over our FTL. One of the best purchases I've made really, he's been a great co-pilot for a droid, kinda thought he'd be a drag but his weird way of speaking and his inability to get my meaning when I say stuff at times just makes me laugh. He's really on-to-it when it comes to piloting the Repertoire, I guess it has something to do with Droids being able to process things twice the speed of humans. Makes it easier to kick back like I am now and read over stuff like this journal I started way back.
The Je'daii are still gone and I don't think the Order's ever gonna make a come-back now. I'm keeping to my own, doing my best to respect my Master's ways. I miss her something fierce but I know what she's like, always got her own way of doing things and wherever she is these days, I'm just hoping she's looking after herself. I don't know what that means for me, I've kept up my training but I'm not like Dad, I don't think the Jedi's my kinda thing. They're my friends and they're awesome people, but people aside, I don't think the Jedi Path is the right path I'm supposed to take. I'm Je'daii through and through and that's the path I plan to keep walking.
I don't know what's gonna happen ahead of us, the future and all that. I can't help but feel a little off about it all, but if I can get Asa on that space-station with me then I'll be happy. How Mom and Dad choose to mess up their lives is on them, I've got enough to worry about.
If it's just gonna be Lori, Me and Asa then I guess that's how it's gotta be.