Journal Entry: #3.
Location: Home on Commenor.
I've been home a lot longer than I thought I would be, it's been a while since I've heard from [member=Asha Hex], I should probably try to send out a message just in case she's been worried about me. Surely she'd have tried to call or something if she was though right. She's probably just giving me space or something with what happened with Dad and all...-I guess I didn't really talk about it all that much with her like she seemed she wanted. I wouldn't mind talking to her about [member=Beth Australis] though...-Asha's only three years older than I am, she'd actually be really good to talk to about that sort of stuff...-Why didn't I think of this sooner !
Mom and I have been spending a lot of time with the Mandalorian Clans, Beth's and Uncle Gray...I'm sure there are other Raxis' but I haven't met them yet. At-least I don't think I have...-Anyway, since Lori started training with them and stuff I've kinda realized how many there are that we're somehow related to. I know Gray and Mom aren't related by blood but if Gray's her brother, I'm glad Beth is adopted...-It seems like Mandalorian's aren't all family by blood but they join clans with people they trust and care about which makes them family? It kind of confuses me but I guess it's how they do things and that's fine as long as things aren't going to be any weirder than they have been lately. It's not that I haven't had fun...-Spending time with them and getting to know Beth has been great but it's like...-They're all treating us so strangely, like they want something or they're waiting for us to say something. It's really strange when people start acting super nice for no reason!
Oh and even strangest of all, [member=Bradshaw Ku] is acting all responsible and stuff. It's like he's almost forgotten how to have fun and be sneaky! He was meant to be teaching me how to smuggle stuff like he used to but now it's like he's all about behaving and acting like an adult. Where's the fun in that...