Journal Entry: #2.
Location: Home on Commenor.
Mom's been busy. More so than usual.
Lori and I were talking the other day and we kinda getting worried now, she doesn't talk about Dad to us at all anymore unless we ask and then it's only the nice things that he used to do, sorta like she doesn't want to believe that he's really gone. Sometimes I wonder what he's doing out there...-But it's annoying and only makes me angry. How does someone who used to be a Jedi Master turn around and kill everyone he worked with, attack his home-world and abandon his family...
I think Lori wants to go out there and look for him. She was there when he was on trial and the Dark Jedi attacked to get him back, I don't really know what she thinks will happen...-He's our Dad and he used to be great to play and build stuff with but everything's different now. It's probably best he doesn't come home.
I guess being back here's got me thinking on stuff. Our house in the mountains is really quiet these days, Mom pretty much sleeps at the Palace every night now that Lori and I can take care of ourselves and we're hardly ever here for her with our training and stuff going on. There's been a lot of stuff happening for Commenor lately with the War-Games that the Mandalorian's came to as well, the parties and dances and stuff that was held last week with one of Mom's friendly worlds (I think they were going to become a CSA world?). All of it's been pretty distracting I guess, I suppose that's why Mom does it all...
As for me...-It's been good to have the Je'daii Order to spend time with, my training's going well and I think I'm getting better at my control over the Force. I'm starting to use it a lot more while I'm training with my Staff and it's been helping me to move faster and be more focused I guess. I've got a lot to thank my Master for, she's really helped me to learn a lot and meet lots of really interesting and inspiring people, all who're far better than I am at the Force and everything. It's been kinda tricky but fun to try to keep up with them all. I must be one of the youngest among the Journeyers at the moment.
So far I've completed my path in:

  • Bodhi.
  • Qigong Kesh (My main).
  • Stav Kesh (My secondary).
  • Vur Tepe.
I still have a long way to go though. There are nine temples and Tho Yor that I have to get through before I'm ready to become a Je'daii Ranger. I should probably head back sometime soon so I can continue my training with the other Temples. The ones I still have left are:
  • Akar Kesh.
  • Anil Kesh.
  • Kaleth.
  • Mahara Kesh.
  • Padawan Kesh.
Maybe once I've done all that, I'll be able to teach someone or do more stuff on my own. I don't really know the kind of things Ranger's do I suppose. [member=Asha Hex] has always let me go off on my own, a lot of the time she even lets me take the Prophet even though I've got a couple now, Dad's old X-Wing is mine too apparently; Mom told me the ownership papers were still coming through or something, I don't know how all that works but X-Wing's are pretty cool looking so I'm excited.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot...-I've met a couple girls recently, one of them is a Mandalorian and knows Lori quite well I think. She's part of Clan Australis and her name's Beth. The other one is a Silver Jedi that was visiting Commenor, Asaraa Vaashe was her name. Lori's been teasing me about Beth which is kinda annoying but not really. I bumped into her during the War-Games and she tricked me into getting attacked (Only pretend war - I didn't get hurt!). Anyway, I don't know them very well but I think I'll probably see more of the Mandalorian's with Lori being trained to be one and all. The Silver Jedi sound kinda cool too, not that I got told a lot but maybe I'll have to check them out one day. Who knows, maybe they can help the Je'daii or something.
Anyway...-My stomach's growling at me.
That's enough for now!