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Journal Entry #18

Subject: Status Update.
Location: "The Repertoire" Personal Corvette.

My time within the Enclave of Svivren has been passing by faster than I'd have cared to admit, many of my days spent reading over the reports of my peers, student progress and faculty needs, requisitions and suggestions for the ongoing curriculum that we offer our students here. It's been easy to be swept up in all the office work, and far more difficult to get out there into the field of service, something I'd prefer far more than my recent days spent.

There have been some changes that have stood out recently above all else, however, one of them being Ishani Sibwarra's change of heart and decision to opt-out of training alongside me. Given her background, where she's come from, her family history and her time spent with the Sith, I want to say that I understood her choice, however, I do hope that wherever her path takes her in the future, it helps to direct her closer towards the light side of the Force.

Aside from Ishani, I've been thinking a lot about Kristyl and her mother Asaraa. It's not a comfortable feeling being so distant from my own Daughter, as though I might as well be absent in her life for all the little impact and control I have in her upbringing being out so far in the Outer Rim. I've been meaning to talk to Asaraa about the possibility of finding work with the Knights Obsidian, providing it doesn't bother her. I'm not sure how she feels these day about us, my decision to end the relationship due to the lack of time spent together between our differing commitments in life was a hard thing to have to express, and as much as I care for her, I couldn't help but feel our attachment to one another was becoming more of a hindrance to our ability to focus in our professions, serving two different Orders and Governments on either side of the Galaxy.

If Asaraa does approve of the idea, the notion of serving alongside the Confederacy leaves me with mixed feelings given the experiences I've witnessed in the past. Most obvious is their different methods of warfare that were far more aggressive than that which I was accustomed to seeing by the Order of the Silver Jedi. The difference between an Order of the Light and an Organization that is primarily made up of those aligned with the Darkside of the Force. I know that there are many Darkside users within the Knights Obsidian still to this day...-And while this was also the case within the Je'daii Order, their reputation is not as passive as those who trained me in my adolescence.

Perhaps a thought to consider, and one to counter this negativity however is the greater need for a light sided influence within an organization that appears to be prevalent in the Darkside of the Force. The opportunity to train further students, those not accustomed to the Jedi or Je'daii influence, and the chance to offer a new perspective that might benefit the Knights Obsidian as a whole. This all being food for thought at this stage of course, as the first step will require my speaking with Asaraa.
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