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Journal Entry #17

Subject: The Nether, Realm of the Dead.
Location: The Gilded Sarlacc Cantina, Svivren.

My time spent in the Netherworld was something else, an experience that has left me questioning more than one would feel comfortable.

The subject of Death is never an easy one when talking with students or even among our own peers as Knights or Masters who are expected to know the answers to such mysteries, and yet there has always been a certain comfort in the not-knowing what lays beyond this life, aside from the teachings of the Jedi Order that my Father raised me on as a boy.

What I experienced in the Netherworld however was nothing like I had imagined the afterlife to be. Truth be told, it was lacking any of the splendour and the peacefulness that I had thought would come from a life of service and fellowship in the light. Walking alongside my Father was wonderful of course, but the Nether itself seemed almost too similar to life as we know it in the Galaxy today, consisting of its own battles and dangers, challenges between friend and foe, as well as the nature of the Force being no less clear to me than it is here within the living plain.

What I know of life and death, and what my Father seems to know is on a different playing field. I know there are things he can see, feel and sense that I cannot, and that somehow he still holds an attachment to the living Galaxy through Loreena and me. Somehow he has managed to keep a watchful eye on our progress and he knew of times in my life that has transpired long after his demise. From this fact alone I can only assume that the connection to the Nether that I felt was truly limited as if only a portion of what it truly means to be one with the afterlife as my Father has become. In this, I can hope for that release from the burdens of the Galaxy that I seek to one day deserve after my time is up, but I cannot deny my disappointment with what I experienced, especially with regard to Omni and the sentinel threat that we engaged there.

I have been told in the past that our physical minds are unable to comprehend the magnitude and mysteries of the afterlife, the Force and all things ethereal. Our bodies are a physical shell for our souls that hinder our connection to that end, and upon passing on into the next life, perhaps we are truly freed to experience what fate has in store for us in its entirety.

One thing I am certain of is that I will not be returning unless in dire circumstances such as what Veiere called me to confront there. Now that the threat has been diminished, I will be doing my utmost to remain present in the living Galaxy and focus on what I can do for the living. One could lose themselves within such an abyss of uncertainty and mystery should they allow so much time to be spent dwelling on the unknown.

As a man of faith in the Force, though these questions bother me, I know that they will be inevitably answered when it is time, and I can take pleasure in knowing that there is more awaiting us when we pass on. I will one day meet my Father again in the Nether, and perhaps we shall watch over Kristyl and Loreena together...-Assuming Lori is not with us. How unusual it is to be so...Complacent now in my thoughts of death.

Though I will not go willingly, it does echo those age-old lessons taught by the Jedi about shedding any fear over such a time. Death is a certainty none of us can avoid. It will come and when it does, I will hope that I have achieved all that I can for the good of the Galaxy that I leave behind. If not for anything else, then at the very least for a brighter future for my daughter and her mother Asaraa.
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