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Journal Entry #15 - Darth Petrichor

Subject: Darth Petrichor.
Location: Wrils, Svivren.

It is said that the Force works in mysterious ways, something I know to be beyond our understanding at times, though through meditation and reflection we may be granted the wisdom of the most unexpected learning from past experiences long ago.
This Journal Entry is focusing on my recent meeting with Darth Petrichor, the Sith Lord who sought me out on Svivren, coming to the Jedi Enclave itself in order to speak with me out of civility and the desire to, what I presume to be, learn from one another and for the Sith Lord himself to gauge the mind of another in what he plans for the Sith Order’s future direction; He believes such a vast concept is within his ability to not only influence but to direct.

Pushing past the initial surprise in that we were able to meet and converse without violent exchange or any present resentments toward one another, the incident has led me to reflect upon much of what it means to be a Jedi Knight, to follow the Path and to abide by the Jedi Code and teachings of generations past.
I wonder how many Jedi today would perceive our exchange to be borderline treasonous due to the political agendas of the Concord and the Galactic Alliance. How many of my friends within the Order of the Silver Jedi, or within the New Jedi Order would look upon the exchange as an opportunity to apprehend a Sith Lord whereas instead, I allowed him to leave in the same form he had arrived, peacefully.

How many generations of Jedi and Sith have fought and died in the ongoing battle between the Light and the Dark Sides of the Force (That which I believe to be umbrella terms for how our behaviour influences the presence and power of the Force around us, not the vice versa).
Our discussions and time together caused me to reflect upon the knowledge of what came before our individual Order’s, during the age of the first Force Civilization where Light and Darksiders coexisted. Ironically it was the fear of attack that led the followers of Ashla to cast out the Darksiders, the followers of Bogan, starting the violence that continues to plague our peoples and the Galaxy today.

Despite the natural mistrust and apprehension of the Sith Lords presence, I was able to recognize that were I to deny his request for a civil audience, I would be acting against the very cause that drives my purpose in life. Peace, civility and cooperation between peoples. I have always believed that as Jedi, it is our mandate to protect life, and have insisted to others that even the Sith are to be considered life as any other among us. To act out and preemptively attack or to deny them the opportunity of coexisting with us, would be to stand against what I believe it is to be a Jedi Knight. To judge them upon their affiliations is a falsehood, as opposed to allowing their actions to portray their intentions and acting as a reactionary measure to bring them to cease their aggressions. To answer with authority and force, should they give us no alternative; Violence begets violence.

Most interesting to me is that the opportunity to speak with Darth Petrichor has inspired me to learn more about myself, including my past mistakes in which I may have been too willing to participate in the battles of political and military powers. While serving in the Order of the Silver Jedi, the fondest Order that I continue to hold dear to heart, it has been unfortunately by the influence of the Concord and the worlds spread out across Silver Space itself that I may have temporarily misjudged my role as a Jedi Knight. The very concept is a difficult discussion to have with oneself, to question the validity of past service, despite the many apparent justifications that have been thrust upon the Order by those of the Bryn’adul or the Sith Order. To decipher right from wrong within the taking up arms amidst armed forces fighting foreign powers. Every battle is fought by differing sides, and these sides have reasons, motives and justifications of their own for entering into conflict against their perceived opposition, yet as a Jedi Knight we should often know better than to act out of frivolous means, and in this, I look to political power as the excuse so many of us have been blinded by. The acquisition of power and influence, no matter what part of the Galaxy you look at, or which government you stand behind, there’s always going to be those who seek such things and those who stand against them for a similar agenda. Always numerous world and Galactic Leaders who believe they should be at the top while Jedi should be able to see past these selfish pursuits; I admit that I have often been blinded by such things, believing my duty to be free of bias, yet inspired by the Order’s position within Concord Space, how could it be?

It is thanks to the training that Master Thurion Heavenshield offered me some time ago that I have been in contact with my father again, these feelings and reflections requiring more than simply my perception to unpack. In our talks, Veiere mentioned another Jedi, Master Tiland Kortun who I have met a few times in the past, speaking of the older Jedi’s habit in sharing tea with what many would call the opposition. I admit I found the mental image to be amusing at first, and yet in a way I was able to achieve much the same with this Darth Petrichor. A comparison that was most illuminating. As far as I’m aware, Master Kortun remains within the Circle of the Light and like myself nowadays, also serves the Outer Rim Territories wherever he can. Perhaps it’s time that I seek out the elder Jedi in some one on one guidance, should he be willing.

As for Darth Petrichor, I am concerned with his ambitions for the Sith Order. I feel certain that his goals will not be achieved without violence and I know not how this will impact the politics surrounding the Galaxy. The Dark Side clouds so much, and especially where these thoughts concern the Sith themselves. I’m also immensely aware that many of the Jedi will readily meet the Sith in open combat with the same sense of duty that I once felt while serving the Silver Concord; While they may be justified, the right and wrongs of the matter are not set in stone and these are often based on our individual perspectives and values, themselves.

No one Jedi looks at the teachings of the Jedi Code and perceives it with identical understanding to another, we all share our differing perceptions and take from our experiences in unique measure. In this, my learnings are unique to my path and I ought not to look unto my peers as though they are wrong in their ongoing pursuits, yet for my path, I see very clearly that there has been a shift in my views and mentality, my understanding of the Force but more importantly, my knowledge and identity as an individual, as well as that of a Jedi Knight.
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