Name: Caedyn Arenais.
Age: 15 Standard Years Old.
Location: Aboard the Prophet.
So...I'm not sure how exactly you're supposed to do these sorts of things but my Master's suggested that recording some sort of Journal might be a good thing for me, something about expressing my emotions and stuff. I think she's been a bit worried to be honest, after everything that Dad's done...-Anyway, [member=Asha Hex] has been a really good teacher so far and seeing as I want her to know I'm trying and stuff, I figured why not. I mean it's pretty easy when there's so much time to kill between planets, we do so much traveling across the Galaxy when we're not staying in one of the Je'daii Temples.
It's still kinda weird that we're calling Svivren our home. Dad used to live there when he was my age, Asha told me that it was once a place where Jedi trained but then the Sith attacked it and there was this massive fight where heaps of them died and the Force has become really strong there ever since. It's safer now of course, she told me it's been so many years since all the way back then that most people have probably forgotten about it. The energy of the land is also why we've made it a Temple for Qigong Kesh away from Tython apparently. The Temple was rebuilt for the Je'daii so it's all pretty cool looking now.
We're not there at the moment though, we're heading through the Lannik System.
When I was first told I'd be leaving home with Master Hex, I guess I was scared of how different things would be. It was Dad's decision, he made it without Mom which kinda should've made me realize something was weird about him at the time but I sorta figured Mom was looking after Lori because I heard from her a few weeks later saying she was gonna become a Mandalorian. It sounded really cool, the two of us going on these adventures and learning different things, stuff that we can teach each other when we're really good at it all...
...-Oh yeah, anyway, I had no idea I'd be doing so much traveling. I'd never left home before, never had to, Commenor had everything and I was still in school and stuff. It's been a few years since I left Commenor now though; Asha's teaching me a lot about the Force and the Je'daii Order. It's really kinda crazy that the Sith and the Jedi all came from the same group so long ago; they were all Je'daii once but then the followers of Ashla didn't like what the followers of Bogan were doing so they fought with them and kicked them out. Ashla was the Light and Bogan was the Darkside of the Force to the Je'daii but they were almost like Deities to the Je'daii and before the fighting started, they had respected both sides.
I don't really know a lot about the Sith these days and Dad never really talked about what it was like being a Jedi but everyone hears stories about the Jedi, especially on Commenor. Stories about Jedi helping others and training in the way of Ashla, the light. I think about these people a lot, both sides really. I wonder what the Galaxy would be like if the Ancient Je'daii never split up and the fighting between the two never started...
Dad would never have attacked the Jedi and he and Mom would never have to live apart. He would never have left us like he has.