So it's come to the point where i've decided to start a journal for myself. I remember trying to start one up a few times when I was younger, but I guess they just fell apart, as I constantly had other, more important matters to attend to. So... I guess this is it. Writing my life down in a book. I don't think the idea came out of anything like passing it down or something similar; but as i'm sitting here now, it does help a bit to let loose the floodgates of my mind for a bit. To be honest, with what i've been through, there's quite a lot. Well, might as well start from the beginning.

I always was a bit of a city boy at heart, and I guess that's because I grew up in Coruscant. It wasn't exactly a fun life though. From what I could tell, my parents never wanted me, as I was typically chased off or blamed for everything. They didn't exactly go searching for me when I eventually ran off, either. I did my best to survive, picking off of those above me, whether it be food, clothes, or anything else. It was all pretty decent until I had an accident one day, and a man died because of me. I didn't know what it was then; all I knew was that he was flung against the wall by an invisible hand. So I ran, scared out of my mind, until I found myself at the steps of a large temple. The Jedi Temple. The Jedi there at the time had to have sensed something inside me, because they took me in pretty quickly. I went through a few masters, but my stubborn nature and lack of knowledge proved to be a major downfall for me. Then came Joshua Dragonsflame. I don't know what it was, maybe he was eager to show just how stubborn he could be too, but no matter what he refused to give up on me. Still, I gave him constant headaches, though not always on purpose. Through all of it, he continued to look after me as one of his own.

Time passed, and I found for myself a friend and a brother in Josh. Where he went, I went, and he taught me a lot about the Jedi, their philosophy, and what it meant to be one. When I finally began to understand these things, I took on a more serious approach to my training. I even began focusing on training in the third lightsaber form, Soresu. My reasoning behind this was that if I were to be a true Jedi, I would have to learn to protect others around me. What better way to do this, then, than to be a shield to others? So, I began to study the art of this form, though my eyes did sometimes stray to the others- I always did have a flair for swordplay. I even took up Vapaad for a while, and crafted a second lightsaber to help with this. The saber in question only did last one battle though, against a certain Sith and recurring nightmare for myself, Nick Imura. Usually, I was always able to keep a calm mindset, but this guy always seemed to get into my head. In fact, my last fight with him ended with him doing that exactly.

It had turned out that after I had been knocked unconscious by the Sith, instead of killing me, he had decided to burn a branding on my chest with his left arm, which had already been tainted by Sith poison. From there, everything went to hell. I constantly experienced flashbacks seemingly through his eyes. If that wasn't creepy enough, his voice clouded my dreams every night. By this time, I had been engaged to my love, Nefertari. She was always the first to rush to my side when she noticed something wrong, but there was nothing she could do, especially when I started having anger flashes. Though I tried to control it, I knew what was going on; the poison had taken control over my system and was having seriously adverse affects on me. It all bundled up until everything finally snapped, and I found myself locked in my mind, with the anger controlling everything else. That's not a day I like to recall much... I think I'll skip that part. All that needs to be known is that after those events, I sent myself into exile, ashamed at what had been done because of me. I couldn't bring myself to face anyone after that.

I spent a year on a planet called Refuge, and interestingly enough, that's exactly what it was for me, a refuge. I learned to hunt and survive in the primarily forested world, and even made some friends there. I probably would have stayed longer, but my brother had come looking for me. Josh had apparently been searching almost that entire year for me, never stopping. I didn't want to go back. I was terrified of myself. It was his words of Nefertari and the others back home who missed me that turned me around. However, I was still skittish. So I decided to disappear again, though still letting Josh keep tabs on me. I became Rylan Thatcher. This was the norm for some time, until Josh eventually encouraged me to pull my head out of the gutter. Finally returning to Nefertari after so long,, I wasted no time in marrying her... and finding out that I had a son. Things are different now. I live a peaceful life on Chandrila, in a nice estate owned by Nefertari due to her being a countess. I'm slowly regaining ties with the Jedi, and I've even started plans for a new lightsaber. There are still so many questions I have though... Not to worry, I'm still young after all. I have time.