So, I think I officially left the homestead today.
I left my mom crying, and my dad was disapproving, to say the least. They just can't seem to understand why I want to join the Republic. I don't want to stay on this trash-heap of a planet forever. I want to explore, to see the galaxy, to meet new people. They just want me to stay here and work the family business.
When I showed up to the recruiting station, I almost turned back. But I went through with it. I'm a soldier in the Galactic Republic, now. I don't really know how to put into words what I'm feeling. Freedom, elation, joy, terror, homesickness. How am I supposed to deal with this? How?
I suppose this is my life now. A soldier. I'm in my new quarters, on my way to training on this starship. Other guys are around me, talking, and I'm writing in my journal. A guy is calling me over. I guess I'm about to make my first comrade.