I decided to write down some old memories of mine down since I've been having such a hard time remembering things lately. So I'm writing down the past people I have worked with on jobs. Some of these people are enemies, some are pals. All are mercenaries highly recommended in the underworld of the galaxy.
Entry #1 -
Jin Terak, a man after my own heart, was the first man I ever worked with. Guy showed me the ropes of being a mercenary. A male human, Jin came from a military family from the Galactic Alliance/Republic. I remember Jin was once told me something about his family being split down the middle, one half being GA navy, the other being spec ops for the commando units of the Republic. War was in this guy's blood. Jin decided that he didn't like the uniform life, and ditched home. This guy started the merc life so young it's not even funny. Jin got picked up Black Syndicate, thought he wont tell me much about it. After spending a few years with them, Jin decided it was time to go on his own for a little, freelance work.That's when we met.
The guy had brown, shirt hair, and green eyes that reminded me of emeralds. His complexion was spotless, he received the name "Pretty Boy" real quick with the other mercs around. First time I ever saw this guy fight was at a bar we found ourselves in. I can tell you right now, this guy didn't like getting hit in the face. A single smack by this drunk Rodian, and it was all over for the buy eyed alien. Jin pounced on this poor guy, bashing him with the bottle of booze, something I called alcohol abuse, and when he was done with the bottle...well...let's just say Jin had to run from the cops, me chasing after him because I got hit with a felony too.
Jin took me under his wing, sorta speak, teaching me what jobs were worth the risk, and which were hammering the last nail in my coffin. Taught me what weapons were best to fight with, which gun had the best accuracy. Jin and I spared a lot together, the rule was no face shots, where I took on the rule to now crotch shots. You could say we're friend, business partners maybe, but there is one thing about Jin that he couldn't remove from his military blood. Loyalty. In fact, Jin was there for that last mission...yeah, it was Jin who got me back to Concord Dawn. I owe that man one.
I hear Jin's got a fiance now, and a kid on the way. Good for him. The man needed some form of peace. Jin suffered from night terrors. Told me a little about it. Something about having to stay with a kid while he bled out on his first job ever. He messed up, took the wrong shot. Says sometimes even while he is awake he sees that kid's face. I feel for the man, I think I once called him vod, and he just smiled that perfect smile at me like a big dummy.