Image Source: Ironically, it's both the Soul Calibur from Soul Calibur II and Manamune from League of Legends. Easter Egg! The above model was made by Aaron Granofsky.
Intent: Important plot piece for LLP-850's character as a whole, and a less cliche primary weapon than a lightsaber.
Development Thread: Let's Wake Up the Dead, Comeback Kid! (WIP)
Manufacturer: The Crystal Heart Workshop
Model: Alchemy Sword
Affiliation: LLP-850 (aka Manamune Lumina)
Modularity: Uber Nope
Production: Unique
Material: Beskar, Bronzium Chainmail, Glassteel Ball

Classification: Longsword
Size: One-Handed
Length: 0.9 m.
Weight: 2.6 kg.

Jen'tyûk-kaar was made by the budding Alchemist and metalsmith Saera Aynea Savan, in her lab at the Crystal Heart. Like many of her other, simpler blades, it incorporated all of the typical features of any other alchemic sword she made. With a more skillful, intermediate alchemy, she was able to modify the same blood-based properties that empowered her Dark Orb made by Master Isley Verd and convert the aspect of health into an aspect of strength. The creation of the blade worked in two stages; one to forge it with similar properties to the item created by her mentor, and another to give it the properties of the Spell of Reanimated Dead. The latter was carried out by her parents, Ashe the Reaper and Darth Pandeima, who carried both a Tsaiwinnoka Hoyakut scroll and the knowledge of how to use such spells. Once inscribed, the blade distinctly carried a similar aura to hers, as a sliver of her herself was imbued into the blade. The final product Jen'tyûk-kaar was a strange creation, empowered with the force of giving yet always hungering for more.
Special Features:
Force Drain (Passive) ~ Similar to the Dark Orb, the sword has a minor Force Drain that activates on contact with the biomass of another and stores the energy within like a battery. Instead of healing wounds like its counterpart, it replenishes a very small amount of the wielder's strength in the Force, or a moderate amount if first filled. Like it's counterpart, this effect can become violently addicting if frequently used.
Battlemind (Passive) ~ The sword, when in their possession, imparts it's wielder with a minor sense of the Battlemind ability, giving them slightly more clarity and determination than usual, though for some it may simply go unnoticed amidst the fray.
Tsaiwinnoka Hoyakut (Active) - When filled to the brim with enough life force (roughly about the equivalent of a sentient non-sensitive), the sword gains the ability to turn all of that energy into the inscribed Sith Spell, which allows a single corpse to be reanimated once the fullly-charged blade is struck into it and the name of the spell is spoken. This only works once per thread (though arguably it is unlikely there can ever be enough energy stolen in any single thread for even a second use).
Alchemic - Like most Sith Swords, the metal has been alchemically treated during fabrication to be incredibly strong and sharp. While contemporary metals such as durasteel and bronzium grow only harder and stronger, the incredible properties of Mandalorian iron are enhanced, leaving the blade almost as sharp as a Force-imbued blade and able to cut through regular Beskar with sufficient force. As a side effect, the wielder (if sentient, excluding Vong) will also know how to read and write in Sith, integral to the inscribed spell imbued within.
Pre-Use :: Reduced weight from 4 kg. (8.5 lbs) to 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)
Pre-Submission :: Changed side effect in Alchemic from "if organic" to "if sentient."