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Jedi Governance?


Jedi Governance:

Something that Kaine Zambrano spoke of was the prospect of a Jedi dictatorship, claiming that were the Jedi to reach out and seize control of the Senate, to act as Government does, then we would see our hopes for the Galaxy be within our own control. Essentially, this is something that the Sith would do, and stands against what I believe the doctrine of the Jedi mandates.

However...-It's got me thinking and this is a place I can process these thoughts without the possibility of backlash. The Ashlan Crusade basically attempted to do what I am discussing now, and I criticized them for it at the time. When Kaine mentioned the prospect, I also argued against it...But does the notion hold potential for a better tomorrow?

Free will and freedom of sentient rights are values and ideals that the Jedi have always sought to respect and encourage. Jedi Governance would not be welcomed by everyone in the Galaxy, much the same way as the Alliance or the Republic is criticized still to this day, only the Jedi hold a great deal of respect for the lives of others and allow people to live as they wish, providing laws aren't being broken or people aren't being harmed.

Yet, what if the Jedi did seize control by forming a democratic government based upon the values of the Jedi Order? Values and ideals that contrast blatantly with that of the Sith Order, where the Jedi would in some form seek to enforce peace in the Galaxy through the forced encouragement of respect, diversity and cooperation.

Even discussing such a thing makes me question my own integrity, as I don't think I could bring myself to stand over others and tell them how to live. This is precisely why Mnemosyne is a constitutional monarchy and while being the official leader of the world, I have little to no involvement in the running of politics or world policies unless in a state of emergency.

What would a Jedi body of government look like however, and was the Silver Jedi Concord exactly that when it was first formed? At some point, the Concord detached itself from the Order of the Silver Jedi, but despite this, it first started out to appear very much as a Jedi-initiated body of government.

The question remains, whether or not the Jedi could operate as a governing body without corrupting themselves and going against the ideals and teachings of the Jedi Order before us. What positive impact could this have for the Galaxy while maintaining our integrity of duty?
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