I am going to use this space to try to plan out a standard blade-bearing Jedi. I am not sure yet if Harmon will ever use a lightsaber. I think he is going down the Gray Paladin path, and may forsake the traditional Jedi weapon. I really don't want to make him be a do all character, as that seems a bit GM-y to me. Comments are welcome.
-Possibly Tython, though I will want to find out what the OS have done to the place.
-Possibly Tattooine, though that might be a bit...cliche.
-Probably going to have him be Miraluka, I like the thought of seeing only through the force. Lots of good story hooks.
-As Harm is the armor wearing assault type, I will likely make any trad Jedi be more about dexterity, using ability and the force to dodge and dance.
-Thinking of using either a Dantari Crystal or a Solari Crystal. If Solari, will make a thread of finding it on Rhen Var. That world seems like it could have a lot of good story hooks in it, a lot of history.