This will be my Number One Rule of Role-play:
Make a good story-line for your characters and NPCs.
Now I already have a semi-decent story for Rogue and his family. My parents were Jedi who left the Order to start a family. Me and my twin sister Katfi are born, and are both Force sensitives. Then I was taken away by the Jedi Order when I was eight. I was taught the ways of the Jedi by Saverok Barcu until I was 13, then I left the order and became a pirate as I was being chased by the Jedi Order until I was 15, which during that period of time I became near blind due to being shot in the eyes with a stun bolt. Then I finally tracked down my family to a small apartment on Kiffu, where I resided with my family until I was 18, when the Jedi found me again and I had to run away AGAIN.
That was my story-line and I am still expanding it, like joining a pirate crew again for a short period of time. Then join a Sith Training Camp, and as well going an a treasure hunt en which I gain a new lightsaber. And now I am back at the old Jedi Temple to visit my master. Of course this post was just basically a shorter retelling of my Character Post. Anyways hope you enjoyed.