This is a story about my life so far. I present this abridged story of my life to you all to show you that no matter what your experience in life no matter how bad it can get there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The journey to that light can be long or short but that journey is worth it in the end.

I was born in 1994 to a troubled family my mother did a lot of drugs and spent most of her life partying and at 19 had me. At first, my life was good with her she treated me right even though we lived in poverty by the age of ten I had been diagnosed with bipolar and schitso defective disorder among other things my school life plummeted as i spent the next 4 years in and out of mental institutions as my mother believed they could "fix" me like i was a broken thing. by fifteen I would be going home for good I couldn't believe it as i had spent the last four years of my life in a mental asylum being treated like i was a defective creature that would never make it anywhere in life watching from the sidelines as people in similar struggles there tried to escaped good people who didn't like the staff only to get the cops called on them when they didn't want to live in that hell hole. so i was a bit skeptical But i realized soon after arriving at a hospital why i was going home. My little brother who was only 2 years younger than me was fighting for his life in the hospital ER he had been hit by a car going 80 in a school zone I lost a part of me that day watched as there was nothing i could do as my mother was asked by the doctor if they should unplug him me begging her not to do it only to tell the doctor to do it. In hindsight for the next 2 years, it was probably best for my little brother not to suffer not to see what became of the family that he grew up in, ignorance is bliss as they say.

By seventeen I was taken down to the Columbus zoo by my parents. Somewhere in this trip my mother had talked with her at that time 5th husband and determined that they couldn't take care of me and that i was beyond fixing that my life wouldn't amount to anything so in this trip that was just the three of us and not my other 12 siblings my parents abandoned me up there and packed up and moved states with the rest of my siblings it wasn't until late into the day did the realization came crashing down onto me and i was alone in the world. I felt more of myself die that day as i wandered around trying to think of how to get home. In my sadness and desperation, a man with a black denim jacket picked me up on the side of the road and drove me back to his place it wasn't until the next day i found out that this man was my uncle and his wife my aunt they thought i was dead as about 10 years prior to this my family told them i had died and all the years i grew up being told no grandma no grandpa no aunts or uncles that my mom and family were all I had I was pissed however not everything was as it seemed, however Those 3 years I was with them were the best childhood moments of my life they treated me how my mother used to my uncle taught me how to ride a chopper (Oldschool motorcycle) and my aunt taught me how to be mature. by the time I was 20 my uncle had passed away, they had put me through high school and taught me how to defend myself how my mother was wrong and that I can do anything I set my mind to During my uncles funeral was the second sadest moment of my life. when i got home with my aunt she sat me down and told me something. "the bad things in life they experince and trama will shade you into who you are but the good things in life no matter how small you will remember forever as the push you to change what you became." those words became my montra as she informed me that they werent my aunt and uncle they were a old couple that saw a lost child and took me in but in the time they spent with me they found my real parents which didnt ammount to anything outside of
"keep him" and they found my grandparents. in this whole 3 years i spent with them i told them "your wrong anyone can be your mother or father but only 1 person each can be your mom and dad and they were my mom and dad."
for the next four years i rekindled my relationship with my grandparents balancing relationships and heartbreaks getting to know my other siblings as they moved out of my drug-filled parent's house. by the age of 25 i went on a journey soul searching if you will spend a year living in Indiana Tennesee and finally settling down here in Texas. I came a long way and have been through a lot of heartaches but had a lot of good experiences too and in the end, i wouldn't trade those for the world. I'm sharing this story because My life may have sucked it might have been the hardest ill ever face but if this bit is the only thing you take away from it then thats fine, I wrote my own fate I didnt listen to what my mother thought i made a difference in my life and did amount to something. so if your day week month or life are bad and just seem to be getting worse use my life as a example there will be a light at the end of all this darkness dont give up and try to prove others wrong for at the end of the day you are better than them by far

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