I still remember Kuat, the battle that never should’ve happened. Two times I journeyed to this world, once to battle against Imperial remnants, once more in an attempt to defend the planet. I remember when the first shot was fired, how the Desert Dawn met its final moments. I felt their deaths. The shock, the pain. Only during those times we thought the first shot had been fired by the Grayson Imperium. If only we’d known the truth then, if only we had known, so many could’ve been spared.


It seems that when preparing to scrap the Desert Dawn, that a few of the engineers noticed that the damage done to the ship hadn’t come from turbolaser blasts, or even torpedoes. No, it had been destroyed from the inside. How did someone manage to accomplish such a feat? Why would someone want to destroy the Desert Dawn?


I must say, this case has made me rethink the battle of Kuat, The Republic’s actions and my own. My mind truly hasn’t been in the right place as of late. Thank the force for Shimrra Rin , I’m starting to believe the girl is smarter than she lets on. She had the bright idea of checking the logs of past engineers who’d done work on the vessel and managed to track them down.


Finally, after weeks of interviewing engineers, we found a lead. An Atrisian man by the name of Akeno Sasanshi upon further inspection is actually an individual that works for a crime boss Chin Dae. This man’s rep is as long as a Wookie’s tongue. Everything from drug dealing, to gun running. His home… Corellia.