Yo, whats up? Name's Chaff. On the advice of a business associate, I've started this on the excellent reasoning of "Why not?"

So who am I and why should you care? I'm a mercenary, got plenty of experience, and I'm always for hire. Need someone killed? I can do that. Need guards for an event, and don't wanna resort to the rent-a-guards that most businesses lower themselves to? We can work something out. I'm not picky about jobs, and you won't see me objecting on the ground of 'morals' or anything stupid like that. I also don't worry myself about who it is you work for. Sith, Jedi, Imp, or Pub, I really don't care. Long as your money is good, we can do buisness.

Now, while I plan to talk about some of my more interesting jobs here, A fair number of my jobs are made with the expectation of confidentiality. So, don't be surprised if the imp admiral that hires me to make a covert attack somewhere gets referred to as 'Admiral Stiffback' or whatever I decide to nickname em. Contact information's attached to the thing, get in touch if ya got a job.