"Eight centuries, or alternatively, eight-hundred and twenty years, three months and seven days - that being Galactic Standard of course - since the activation of this unit. The unit in mind, V-01, was the first of the twenty-second line of his species. Ordered alphabetically in Galactic Basic. Twenty-six lines, consisting of ninety-nine each. System naming consisted, quite obviously, of their line letter and their number of creation. He was quickly and aptly coined the nickname Vigil."

"V-01, like the rest of those created by The Rest, were designed to aid in the galactic conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong. Assigned to the defense of Sernpidal's capital, it was noted by locals for the first time that those of his kind do not sleep. At least, not out of necessity. I do not think his nickname requires any further discussion."

"Sernpidal's destruction was a significant loss, both to the inhabitants and our creation. Estimated by The Rest, our units suffered an 87.7% reduction in population in the ensuing fourteen microseconds following the moons collision. The years after were critical in the survival of our creations, unfortunately the Yuuzhan Vong easily outmatched and outnumbered the few remaining, dwindling their numbers further."

"Aside from V-01, I have not found a single operating signal from another one of our creations in six centuries. Perhaps, albeit unlikely, I have theorized that without an immediate Yuuzhan Vong threat that those remaining have entered a self-imposed shutdown of all systems. However the threats against this galaxy in only the last one-hundred years have been significant, making it a prime period of time to find any others remaining. Given that they have not fallen into disrepair or malfunctioned."

"Back to topic, it quickly became known that after our departure, leaving our creations on their own, they quickly adopted the behavior and cultures of those around them. Without our constant grooming, some moved to crime while others continued to operate as expected, and some become obsolete - participating in no forms of social aspects, or any activities. When we realized this, a select few of us were assigned by The Rest to act as a guide, nurturing the lives of our creations in the direction we required of them. Thus, I do not leave V-01's side."

"In the years prior to being assigned to his case, he was 'adopted' by a family of smugglers, and permanently developed a personality befitting a scoundrel. Once I informed him of my assignment, he uprooted from the family and we attempted to find contact with any others of his kind. Successful initially, time took its toll, and our attempts at finding our creations still operating were ultimately a failure. And sometimes, we even found some of the Silentium who had perished by the side of their assignments. It was bitter-sweet."