My name is Dax Fyre, The Reaper, God-King of Won Shasot, and Grand Marshall of the Coalition. Held within this document is my own story, told through my own eyes, and with my own words. Perhaps not a great story of heroes overcoming villains, but a story none the less. This is the story of not just one person, but many.
I've met many different individuals through out my journeys. Jedi, crusading for the Light, Sith, bent on their own destruction, but to blind to see it, smugglers, who have some how found the fate of a world resting on their shoulders, people with no recollection of themselves, where they came from, nothing at all, corporate magnates, with endless business empires, who fought for the good of all beings on the side. This is as much their story as it is mine. May the Force be with them, and with you, the reader.