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I was wonder-
Okay, enough.
This is an introductionary post to let you know what this blog's gonna be all about:
  • My Reviews on SWTOR
  • My Stories from SWTOR
  • My Comments from SWTOR
  • My Attempts to be funny.
Who the hell are you ?
I've been playing World of Warcraft since the 1.10 patch on Vanilla - Storms of Azeroth (sheds a tear) which was something around April 2006. Yes, I did miss the Southshore massacres. I simply observed them as a friend played before I eventually let the addiction take me in a few months after. Hence, 2006.
I've playing with a few hiatuses in between, sometimes a month. During Cataclysm, I took one for half a year because I simply did not like the expansion. It was, according to me, a big change for WoW at the time. I am currently not playing since January due to final University year. I have always been more of a PvPer rather than a PvEr but my main character is on a PvE server - Magtheridon (EU). My hardcore PvP years were 2006-2010.
The classess that I always tend to play on MMORPG and RPGs generally is the stealthy, backstabbing rogues. Don't ask why, I feel pleasure when I pop out of nowhere and 15x Critical Damage.
I have tried a few other MMORPGs but found them quite boring, I always seem to compare them with WoW for some reason. Lineage, Guild Wars, LOTR Online (shudders), Age of Conan, SW: Galaxies are some of those that I have played. Galaxies was the only one I actually enjoyed to some extent. Pre-cu.
I actually tried SW: TOR a year ago and I was going to puke. Now, I've had the sudden urge to give it a second chance and I am enjoying the story.

Duel of the Day:
Agent vs. Trooper

Who do you choose ?