......*A Shimmering blue image of the Togruta Jedi Master Sprouts from the elaborate box*......

One thing that is paramount for a Jedi is the mastery of one's self. To achieve this one must have three core principles: inner peace, serenity, and harmony. Meditation allows a Jedi to access these three aspects by allowing one to go beyond their reflexive thinking capacities and experience a deeper state of focus, and awareness. The training techniques dubbed "Jedi yoga" can see to it that an apprentice will enhance their emotional control, strengthen their connection to the force, and find they are enhancing their physical traits as well. To facilitate one must combine physical, mental, and spiritual principles to transform the body and mind.

Students must first learn to get rid of their negative emotions, and how to combat those that may come in the future. Using Meditation of Emptiness can allow a student to develop an emotional anchor that will see them protected in times of conflict. Throughout the history of our order, there have been times when Jedi are called to the front lines to maintain the peace. A student who is not prepared for the consequences that accompany things such as war, can find themselves lost, and overwhelmed with the pain of the world around them. Establishing a base of control earlier on can keep one away from the darkside.

The next step would be to incorporate more physical applications, Arch Pose, being one of them. This maneuver involves placing the hands and the feet firmly on the ground, then arching your body into a rounded shape, trying to force the buttocks to go as high as they can. This application greatly enhances the users flexibility, not just of the physical body, but of the spirit.

The next two positions work hand and hand and can be called: Balancing Stick Pose, where the user must balance on one leg, while sticking out the other, and stretching out their arms as far as they can go. The second, can be called the Separated Leg Stretching Pose where the user must spread their legs about a arms length apart, and go down the middle, placing their hands on the ground firmly. Students must experience and eventually perfect a variety of motor skills in order to ensure both success on the fields of battle, and injury prevention. Developing balance, rhythm, spatial orientation and the ability to react to both auditory and visual stimulus is a must.

Last, but not least we want to end our session with another meditation technique that can stick with a Jedi throughout their entire career. Center of Being, a technique that can be used in lightsaber combat as well as just for basic meditation. This technique can allow a Jedi to center themselves in their connection to the force where they receive a higher clarity of the events transpiring around them. The focus received becomes almost instinct, where the user can almost unconsciously defend themselves.

Just remember instructing is an evolution, you can learn just as much from your student as they can from you. May the force be with you.

......*Hologram shuts off*......