Telekinesis, an ability that all force sensitives developed. It involved stretching out one's feelings through the Force to mentally seize an object in question, exerting one's will on it so that it performed as the user wished, and could be used in a more aggressive manner where the user creates concussive burst of pressurized air to knock back objects. There were a great deal of many other possibilities that could be developed over the course of truly understanding this ability, one of the most basic in a Jedi's arsenal. There are different methods an instructor or student can use to go about developing and teaching this.

Moving Meditation is one of those methods. This variant of the technique was actually performed in a state of wakefulness. The user must concentrate to quiet all outside distractions consciously, while manipulating the force to lift and move several objects around the user in a circular motion. When the student has accomplished this, it would be time to incorporate the next step. Floating Meditation. The two both work hand and hand. By achieving Moving Meditation the user would already by deeply submerged in the force, and would then be able to achieve Floating meditation. This involves the process of one telekinetically lifting themselves from the ground. It is quite rare for someone to achieve this on their first try.

Another method, one that is quite simpler, and preferred by most students due to its concept, is a good ole round of Push Feather. The idea was for a student to telekinetically push their opponent with the Force and redirect their opponent's pushes until one partly lost balance. Students had to learn how to attune themselves to changes in balance and pressure. The key was to understand that its often better to use an opponent's own energy against them rather than blocking the opponent's energy with greater energy. This method can be used in group training, pairing students up and holding a small contest which can end with the winner facing the Master. Many possibilities concerning this one.

All of these techniques were more than capable of helping a Jedi develop their skills and abilities concerning telekinesis further. Once the relevance of the size and weight of the object being moved is gone from the mind, things can become far easier to lift. May the force be with you.