Log 13 - The Creation Of HAELI The AI

I have approached the Shadow Fist gang and they have taken the job I spoke of in my last entry.

One of the volunteers used to be an engineer and he offered to help me install the hardware. Now everything is set up, all but the power source. I have ran the wires through the Holonet Terminal to give HAELI access to it. I have also wired her up to the Sensor and Transmitter on board Eternal. Her data bank is comprised of multiple hard drives with high amounts of potential data storage. Each drive is connected to another, each one being a part of a hive.

The main room of HAELI is in a hidden room of the Eternal, that can be found behind a hidden door in my quarters (I plan on updating the security at a later date.), all the data banks and the power source(s) will be kept here to keep them as safe as possible.

All that is required now is: an energy source or sources, the emotion brainwave recording and for me to start to develop HAELI as a VI before converting her to an AI.