So as we know (still don't think anyone is reading but I do not care!) Matthew Drevur was shot in the head, once during an unnamed battle where my eyesight was impaired, and one that was named where I was shot in the head multiple times and went into a blind rage as P.R.I.M.U.S. tried to fend the attackers off. I owe you. Anyways after the later incident I have dwindled ever so slowly into the Cray Cray Sector of sanity. Here is the three sectors of sanity:

Sane: When your still have a soul.
Cray Cray: Your losing your mind ever so slowly.
Insane in the Membrane: Your absolutely past saving at this point.
So now you know what the three sectors of my sanity is. I probably won't get to the Insane In The Membrane Sector yet unless I truly feel like it, but at this point no. Where I am going with Rogue is someplace that not very people touch on. Drifting between Dark and Light but swaying closer to the Dark, and one day, when I become a Sith Lord, I will still have a soul en which I will not be one of the One Sith's mindless war machines like others, but still be a warrior, that will know when to stop. Like if one Sith burns down a city without evacuation first they will be branded heartless. Rogue won't be like that. And with that note i'm done with my weekly and sometimes daily blog.