------There are no people who I address this 'letter' to. Those who call themselves my handlers, the Vong scientists, have recommended I write. Though I am sure that Savan is actually the one behind it. Musing upon various subjects might speed the return of my memories. Or so I've been told. Perhaps they simply wish to judge my mental health? To see if I truly am getting better? That is a possibility. But it seems weird coming from the same people who have been using me as a tool of war. I am their blade. Thrust into battle after battle to rage against anyone who crosses my path. Most recently, I have struggled. Is that why they are asking me to do this? To know why my anger is lessened? To see if they need to wipe my mind again?... That would be unpleasant. I had just started to gain my old self back.

------Doing so was easier than I had thought. Meeting with friends, old and new, let my memories of the past flourish. Fighting alongside brilliant minds (including the Sith Lord, Daella Apparine) lead to me to fix my opinions on life. Existence is not such a fickle thing. It is more than a meaningless cycle. It is what we make of it. No longer do I wish to wallow in my own misery. I wish to go out into the worlds, into the galaxy, and explore. Every planet has a history to discover. Though my anger is still great, I will sate it, then I will go. The universe calls to me. Now, wouldn't it be awfully impolite to ignore it? Yes, I believe so.

In the end we are all stories. I want to make mine worth reading.
Ven'Rain Tritos Sekairo
Childe of the Stars, Mad Merc, the Shattered Knight.