Due to the nature of this spanning several blog entries, I'll just lay out what I have to say in this as to avoid having to jump between one blog to the next and to avoid the risk of having to repeat myself or to have information lost between the two blog entries. To start off I'd like to say that this isn't going to be a sappy apology entry where I vehemently try to backpedal or play it down. I'm not going to grovel for forgiveness, I'm not going to try to pretend to have changed my point of view simply for facing criticism, and I'm not going to go on a massive tirade attacking Jack and Joe and burning down every single bridge for the simple fact we have different opinions on a subject matter. It goes against my personal code of honor / conduct / or whatever other term you want to use to describe this. I will stick by what I said.

With that out of the way, there's another thing I'd like to address. @Lilythe , you mentioned in the eight comment on your first blog entry that you are a Rape Survivor / Sexual Abuse Survivor / Whatever the proper term is for this incident. Don't take the bold effect as me downplaying the issue, claiming you are lying, or other such thing, it's merely something I use to bring attention to that particular information. And for that, you have my deepest condolences, pity, and I truthfully wish you all the best and that neither you nor anybody else is forced to suffer through such things ever again. Whether you believe me or not is entirely up to you, much like whether you will bother reading through the stuff I am going to write down. For whatever it is worth, I am genuine in that.

Putting that on hold for a few moments, allow me to bring a few things up.

[quote name="Lysle of the Hydian Way" timestamp="1431187015"]

The only wuss is you. You started whining the moment you see someone try and be constructive by suggesting the community becomes more caring. Your insensitivity is toxic. There are "jokes" out there that cause panic attacks, and if you believe otherwise, well, ignorance is bliss. There is no need for 'thicker skin' because that is just the jocks way of saying 'deal with it'[/quote]
If what I wrote in the third comment of that particular blog entry constitutes whining, we have quite a different definition of what it entails. Of all the time I have spent on this board and of all the people I have had the opportunity to speak with, be they members ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other, I have not seen anything that can be considered apathy, indifference, vindictiveness, or what can fall under the buzzword of the month, "toxicity", on a pure OOC level. No, people posting GIF's or image macros in a thread to take the piss out of one another is not harassment nor does it make the Chaos community a den of crap. It barely qualifies as banter and it's, usually, the equivalent of a sappy one liner from a sitcom.

Have there been people bitching at each other? Definitely, as the recent invasion of the planet Geonosis between the Rebel Alliance and the ACA shows, or your recent excursion with trying to overthrow Chiasa from the Red Revans. That's going to happen whenever something that is deemed, and I quote, "Unfair / Bull / Power-gaming / God Modding / Sour Loser Syndrome / And Many Others" from an IC perspective slips into OOC and no proper consensus is reached. But for that, we have RPJ's and the rest of the administrator team, learning to abide by their ruling no matter how unfair you personally deem is would fix this. But that's not something solved by making the community more caring / sensitive / play-dough oriented, that's by teaching them not to be sniveling bitches and learn to abide by the ruling without acting like children.

You face actual harassment? As in, you have people stalking you in threads, sending you private messages on this forum telling you to choke on a bag of testicles, or have someone go to town on your ass in Skype or some other third party messaging software that Chaos can't personally check? Contact the Administrators and Moderators, file a report ticket, present your evidence, present your case, ask for action to be taken on this individual person. Block and Ignore said persons both on Chaos and on other messaging systems where you have shared contacts with one another. Whether you like to believe it or not Lysle, this community is not the kind that takes genuine abuse towards its member base lying down, neither the higher ups nor the average Joe and Jane. No, image macros does not constitute abuse, a differencing opinion does not constitute abuse, and most jokes do not constitute abuse. Unless the jokes are, for a relevant example, rape jokes by nature told to a Sexual Abuse Survivor, it's bloody stupid to get a panic attack from them. The context of the original blog entry was so bare-bones and vague it reads as "Anything I don't personally like." With the added context given by Lily later on, here is where a problem discussion on what constitutes crossing the line and what constitutes being thin-skinned.

[quote name="Vulpesen" timestamp="1431190538"]

I'm with Lysle on this. A thick skin only goes to far. We all have our breaking points and our weaknesses. And when those things are exploited, no mental armor can defend the person. So how about this, take a good long look at what you just said. Realize its the exact kind of poodoo the people of this site are trying to combat, and also realize that this is a place of fun. As you said, [background= [/size] "Realize people are twats from time to time." It's true. They're everywhere... that's the exact reason why you shouldn't be trying to add to the number.[/quote]

Read above, I believe I covered that up. If not, let me know and I'll make additions regarding this point.

[quote name="Ceska Starshield" timestamp="1431195567"]

Also, Yvette, I enjoy you you put panic attacks in quotes, as if you are implying they're not real or just happen to 'oversensitive wusses'. I'm sure real women/men never have issues like that, right? You have zero context in which to draw conclusions and so you sound like the typical emotionally stunted former high schol jock.[/quote]

As mentioned above, I believe I covered this up. If not, let me know and I'll make additions. Also, the fact that jock is used as an insult is both hilarious and quite pathetic given the circumstances. And the reason I put it in quotation marks is because that word has been thrown around willy-nilly the past few years on the internet that I feel bad for actually acknowledging it without proper context or proof, as some people get panic attacks from seeing an interracial couple on a television show or two straight people being the lead in said television show. Given the added context, yes, I can understand how rape jokes told to her can provoke panic attacks. I'm not going to deny that I have been hasty in my assessment, but even so I'm not going to backpedal on the subject itself or try to edit it out.
[quote name="Lilythe" timestamp="1431195837"]

So... I have no reason other than "being a wuss" to be offended and get upset or have a panic attack when someone makes rape jokes after some of the things I've had to live through? Why don't you get more information before you make blanket statements about someone being a wuss? . From now on everything you and your group says to me will be kept on a record, because I will not play your games. This is the only warning you get.[/quote]

Some of the points, again, I believe I explained above. If not, let me know and I'll make additions where necessary. As for the "My Group" thing, I'm not even sure who you are lumping me up together with but feel free to do so if you wish. If you want, I can just dig up whatever other posts I did OOC to help you keep your record.

As for the second blog, unfortunately it died out before I could take a proper look at it or save it, so I only know of one of the points you made there. Religion. I'm a Christian, I believe in God, I'm a supporter of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, and I quite frankly don't give much of a dime about what people think of my religion, my church, my lifestyle, or if they crack any jokes about this stuff no matter how offensive. The only thing I take even the slightest bit of annoyance over is when people claim that the Church was the reason we had a Dark Ages or that the Church should sell everything they own and donate it to charity [usually of their choosing] because it's simple cases of historical illiteracy and genuine stupidity. Comedy does have a few limits, such as abuse, be it sexual or not, or torture, be it physical or psychological. But everything else? Race, religion, creed, politics, anything else? That's fair game as far as I'm concerned. And that's my opinion on that bit, take it or leave it, I do not expect to change your point of view or anybody else.

Got something I missed or want me to make additions somewhere? Let me know and I'll be happy to do so. Want to put me on a blacklist for this debacle? Go ahead, I couldn't really care that much about such a thing.