A public news announcement was broadcast on holographic screens all over Zakuul, as well as being transmitted across the galactic holonet.
"Zakuulan News Network! Bringing you the latest updates from our beloved capital. Our top story today, the Eternal Empress's Grand Exarch, Baron Lannis Morcus of Serenno, was found dead at his home in the capital today. An autopsy and recent evidence have suggested his death was natural. He had apparently been suffering with a terminal illness within his lungs that he'd kept knowledge about private between himself and his doctors. Lannis Morcus is succeeded by several estranged heirs, though with none stepping forth to claim his vast fortune, said funds have been appropriately commandeered by our majesty for the Eternal Empire, her majesty stating that her former Grand Exarch would've seen his fortune used for no other purpose. We here at the Zakuulan News Network would like to personally commemorate the Grand Exarch for his services, however brief, to Zakuul and our new Empress. A memorial service will be held in the royal plaza this evening, and the Empress has announced the commissioning of a magnificent bronzium statue to forever honour his memory."